• At the campus level, and using Hillcrest PDS 4th & 5th graders as the pilot campus group, we will start an energy monitoring team of students and teachers. The five students will be selected based on an essay with topics listed below;

    1. How to make a school more energy efficient. lightbulb

    2. Energy saving tips for a school.

    3. What can you do to play a part in saving energy at your campus?

    The Energy Management Department will collaborate with the Principal to share the following information with students in 4th & 5th grade:

    Waco ISD is creating an energy management team at the campus level, and Hillcrest PDS is the first campus to have students selected to serve as energy monitors for their campus. If you want to be an energy monitor for our campus, you only need to do one thing, write an original essay of any one of the three topics listed…

    Then, turn it in to ________ with your name by this date ____________. Five winners will be selected by district-level administration. Two of those five students will be recognized in the new District Energy Plan to be approved by the Waco ISD Board of Trustees and our Superintendent.

    After selection of the five energy monitors and two volunteer staff, they will meet with the District Energy Manager to compile a list all possible areas of concern or waste. We will meet once a month before or after school to discuss areas of concern and recommendations for improvement. Energy monitors will collaborate with staff to communicate recommendations, ideas and areas of improvement such as energy waste, energy saving tips will be advised with ways to prevent wasted energy to the entire campus. Examples include the “10 Minute Rule”: if you are out of the classroom for 10 minutes you should turn off the lights, turn computer monitors off, be sure personal items (lamps, fans, radios, etc.) are not left on, running water in bathrooms, cafeteria and gymnasium lighting left on when no one is in there, doors left open to the outside, measuring comfort and learning levels of lighting through a classroom experiment.

    This can be communicated in various ways such as morning announcements, posted flyers, etc, in an effort to encourage everyone on campus to be energy conscientious. 
    Our goal is to encourage everyone on campus to be energy conscientious, therefore, reducing utility costs so that those funds can be utilized for education.

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