• Waco ISD school nurses will strive to minimize absences by early identification, prevention and intervention of student health needs while creating a safe and caring environment. 


    Waco ISD employs Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), and Clinic Aides (CNA/CMA) to meet the health care needs of our students. Nursing employees provide quality and preventative health care to all students. They perform basic first aid, track immunization requirements, dispense medication to students, following individualized health plans, conduct state required vision, hearing and spinal screenings and provide classroom instruction on hygiene, infection control, and disease. 


    Parents are encouraged to join our Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meetings.




    We want to assure you that Waco ISD is doing their part in educating staff and students on reducing the spread of disease in school.  Please go to http://www.waco-texas.com/cms-healthdepartment/ for the most up to date information on viruses identified in the United States.  Please contact your campus nurse for any questions or concerns.

Health Services Coordinator

  • Rhiannon Settles, RN-BC, BSN
    Health Services Coordinator 




  • The SHAC meeting scheduled for March 20th will be rescheduled.  Date to be determined. 

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  • During the Spring semester, all 5th grade physical education teachers and campus counselors will be working in collaboration to teach the Puberty- the Wonder Years curriculum.

    Puberty- the Wonder Years covers the physical changes to the body during puberty. We urge you to reinforce the material by discussing it with your child, if you have not already done so. The information covered in this curriculum includes:

                Body changes during puberty


                Male and female reproductive systems

                Social and emotional changes

                You, your body and puberty video

    In accordance with WISD District Policy, a parent or guardian may request that his or her child be allowed to “opt out” of the Puberty- the Wonder Years curriculum. Such a request can be submitted to the child’s respective campus by writing a letter, sending a signed note with your child, sending an email, or calling the campus office.  Students who “opt out” shall be assigned independent reading and writing activities and there shall be no grade penalty for students who “opt out.” Students excused from material they or their parent or guardian finds objectionable will be responsible for mastery of any essential elements contained in that material.

    Should you elect NOT to have your child participate in the Puberty- the Wonder Years curriculum, you may write a letter, send a signed note with your child, email the child’s campus, or call your child’s campus office to “opt out” of the Puberty curriculum. You may elect to remove your child from the curriculum at any time.

    If you have any questions or concerns or wish to view the curriculum, please contact your child’s campus.


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  • Stop Measles

    Learn about measles,
    protect your kids,
    stop the spread.

    Visit the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov/features/measles/

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  • The announcements above are intended to keep Waco ISD Students, Employees and their families informed about the latest health concerns in the district.