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    The mission of the Waco ISD crosswalk guard is to serve the community and school district by providing safety for children, and other pedestrians en route to and from school.  We do this by teaching children to cross properly, overseeing safe crossings, and observing/reporting any activity that may pose a danger at assigned locations before and after school.

    The Waco ISD Police Department uses part-time civilian employees to serve as school crosswalk guards. Crosswalk guards provide a safe environment for students at selected street crossings and schools throughout the district. The Waco ISD Police Department has a staff of 20 crosswalk guards, all who serve in the field. School crosswalk guards serve the following locations:

    • Bell’s Hill Elementary 
    • Brook Avenue Elementary
    • Cedar Ridge Elementary
    • Crestview Elementary
    • Dean Highland Elementary
    • J.H. Hines Elementary
    • Kendrick Elementary
    • Lake Air Montessori
    • Mountainview Elementary
    • Parkdale Elementary
    • Provident Heights Elementary
    • South Waco Elementary
    • West Avenue Elementary

    For more information about school crosswalk guards and/or information about becoming a school crosswalk guard, please contact the Waco ISD Police Department at 254-752-0858.