Student Court

  • The Waco ISD Student Court Program provides Student Courts at University High School.

    What is Student Court?

    Student Court is an alternative, voluntary program, provided on campus, which offers young offenders an opportunity to make restitution for an offense through peer mandated sanctions, thus avoiding fines and keeping the juvenile's record clear. By bringing the student before a jury of their peers, which sentences them to constructive and restorative sanctions, this program seeks to deter teens from future unlawful behavior, while providing direct experience in the judiciary system and an understanding of their future role as a productive citizen.

    Our Student Courts consist of 10-15 students and are managed by a certified teacher who acts as the Student Court Coordinator.

    Goals of Student Court:

    • To help youth develop leadership skills and serve as peer leaders in their schools
    • To encourage respondents to take responsibility for their actions and to repair the harm caused by their conduct
    • To help youth gain a better understanding of and appreciation for th court and justice systems to provide youth with a law-related education and to teach civic responsibility.
    • To promote restorative justice principals in a school environment. (Click to read more about restorative justice)
    • To reduce the placement of High School students to Alternative School Campuses.