Peer Mediation Program

  • Peer mediation is both a program and a process

    The Waco ISD Peer Mediation Program involves specially trained students of the same age-group who facilitate resolving disputes between two people.  This process  changing the way students understand and resolve conflict in their lives. Changes include improved self-esteem, listening and critical thinking skills, and school climate for learning, as well as reduced disciplinary actions and less fights.  Both the Peer Mediators and the disputants they mediate learn skills that are transferable outside of the classroom and into their future adult lives.  Each campus team is managed by a certified teacher who is the Peer Mediation Team Coordinator.

    The process is voluntary for both sides.

    Peer mediators do not "make decisions" but rather work towards a win-win resolution for both sides in order to avoid further trouble. Waco ISD School Administrators in charge of discipline have incorporated this conflict resolution process into their strategies in an effort to divert students from receiving a referral.

    Types of problems  that can be mediated include:

    • Social media improprieties
    • Relationship difficulties/harassment
    • Rumor and gossip
    • Racial and cultural confrontations
    • Classroom or extracurricular disputes
    • Bullying, minor assaults and fighting

    Waco ISD Team Coordinators by campus: (click name for further information)

    Waco High: Sharonise Whities Andrew Weaver
    University High: Isabel Lozano
    Cesar Chavez Middle: OPEN
    Tennyson Middle: Amy Barrett
    GW Carver Middle: Derrick Smith


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