• School Success Begins with Attendance

    Be here… get ahead!

    When it comes to school, students who miss school... miss out.

    Attendance boosts student achievement, improves the quality of your child's educational experience, and it prepares them for college, good careers, and a chance for success in life. Studies show that over an adult's working life, high school graduates can expect to earn, on average,$1.2 million.**

    Being in school every day is important. For every day of school missed, it takes two or more days for a student to catch up. Except in the case of illness, most school absences can be avoided with a little extra effort.

    Parents, help us to eliminate absences that can be prevented by working:

    • to schedule medical and other appointments outside school hours.
    • by making sure your children get plenty of sleep.
    • by making sure they get to school on time, everyday!
    • to call the school office or send in a note to make sure an absence is not logged as “unexcused.”

    Give your child every opportunity to succeed in Waco ISD and graduate to success, by encouraging them to be here and get ahead.

    Remember: Be Here… get ahead! Every 1 counts!

    Coming soon are some resources to help you support your child's school attendance. Stay tuned to learn more about Waco ISD's attendance program.

    "WakeUP Waco!!

    Be Here… get ahead! 
    Everyone counts!"

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Drop Back in To School

  • Background:

    The Waco area faces a constellation of economic and educational challenges.  The number of families living at or below the poverty line continues to grow.  Students are dropping out at alarming rates at all levels of education and, due to a lack of adequate education, the number of under-educated adults stuck in low paying jobs continues to rise.  While problems such as these require constant attention and multiple strategies designed to prevent and recover dropouts and or individuals who have had their educational goals interrupted, we believe that raising public awareness that it is never too late to come back to education is a first step. We want to encourage community members to continue working toward attaining their original educational goals or to set new goals. The message we will convey is

    “You can do it, and we will support you.”

     There are two natural times when people’s thoughts turn toward school and education, late summer during the “back to school” preparation and around the New Year when people focus on New Year’s resolutions. This initiative intends to capitalize on the natural inclination of people to think about school and their future at these times and to provide encouragement and help via a telephone hotline, social media and on-line support.  People will be asked to supply some very basic information about their highest level of education, personal goals, potential obstacles and contact information.  This information will be gathered via a hotline or on the WISD website.  Based on the information provided, they will be contacted (the goal is within 24 to 48hours) by the educational partner best able to support their educational goals.