About Us

  • Mission

    To create and support partnerships that ensure educational success and workforce readiness in our community. Partnerships will:

    • Foster values and skills that lead to educational success and productive citizenship.
    • Provide curriculum support and experiences relevant to current and emerging careers.
    • Support continuous professional development for principals, faculty and staff.


    Services and Responsibilities

    Each year the Partners in Education program brings businesses, organizations and community groups together with schools in a collaborative effort that enriches student learning. Through tutoring, mentoring, career awareness, job shadowing, presentation of life skills, math, science and literacy activities and a connection with strong, positive role models the students of Waco ISD benefit from a broad spectrum of knowledge and resources. Volunteers come from large companies and small, from students and organizations, from all walks of life. Their personal touch, enthusiasm and dedication are of immeasurable value to Waco ISD children.