Campus History

  • About the Campus lion

    Waco High School is a Texas UIL Class 4A public high school located on N. 42 Street in Waco, Texas. The school mascot is the lion. The school colors are scarlet, white, and gray.


    Waco High School was originally located at 8th Street and Columbus Avenue in downtown Waco. And, later at another location on the corner of North 19th and College Drive. In 1986, Waco High School was consolidated with Jefferson-Moore High School (which was located in the building that houses Indian Spring Middle School) and Richfield High School, which was located on the former Rich Field, a World War I airfield. The newly constituted high school was renamed Waco High School.

    When the schools were merged the school board agreed to take one thing from each school to form the “new” Waco High — the lion mascot from Jefferson-Moore, the school colors (scarlet, white, and gray) and the campus of Richfield, and finally the name “Waco High” from the historic Waco High School.

    With the merger, Waco High was classified as a UIL Class 5A school. It was moved down to Class 4A in 2006.