Campus Dress Code

  • Kendrick Elementary has a mode of dress that provides students with several choices, yet ensures that all our children are “dressed for success”. In addition to the district’s dress code found in the student handbook, our mode of dress for the school year is outlined below:

     Acceptable types of shirts: Button Down or Polo/Golf-style collared shirts.
     Shirts may be any color but cannot have pictures, emblems, or writing.
     LOGO – If a logo is worn, the logo needs to be smaller than the size of a quarter.
     Shirts may have long or short sleeves (turtlenecks or t-shirts may be worn underneath SMOD shirts only).
     If shirt extends beyond a student’s fingertips, then student must tuck shirt into pants.
     AVID Thursday ONLY – Students may wear a college t-shirt on Thursday.
     Spirit Friday ONLY – Students may wear a Kendrick Elementary School or Waco ISD t-shirt on Friday.

     Slacks, skirts, capris, jumpers, shorts or jeans must be denim or twill material.
     Appropriate sizes worn at waist level, no sagging will be allowed. Pants may not be frayed nor touch the ground.
     Shorts are allowed and must be no higher than the top of knee and always worn at the waist.
     Skirt length must be at the top of the knee when standing (No frayed edges or slits).
     Jumpers are acceptable over a SMOD shirt.
     T-shirt type polo dresses can be worn.
     Leggings can be worn by girls under dresses (not as stand-alone pants).
     Students may NOT wear zipped or elastic legged or decorated pants of any type. No side pockets or cargo
    pants/short. No rips, tears, or holes in jeans. No gym shorts or pants.

     Sweaters or Sweatshirts must have no decals, designs or quotes.
     Hoodies may be worn but the hood portion must be down-off the head. Collars of SMOS shirts (worn underneath)
    must be seen at all times.
     A student may wear a sweater, sweatshirt, sports coat or blazer while in school.
     No Hoodies may be worn to school unless hoodie contains a full zipper. The hood portion must be down – off the
    head while inside the building and the collars of SMOD shirts (worn underneath) must be seen at all times.
     Jackets may be worn to school but if a jacket has a hood attached, it must be worn down – off the head while
    inside the building- and again, all jackets/ hoodies must contain a full length zipper if worn in school building.
    Students can only wear heavy coats during late fall and winter seasons.

    All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel. No shower shoes, sandals, flip-flops, house shoes, or roller shoes
    allowed. Tennis shoes are preferred.

     Hair must be natural color and not dyed to extremes.
     Haircuts which are bizarre or unusual are not allowed. No Mohawks

    If you have any questions about whether an article of clothing is allowable, please contact the school at 254-752-3316 before you send your child to school. All students are expected to be in standard mode of dress each school day. Students who are not in SMOD will be given an alternate set of clothes to wear and parents called. If parents cannot be reached, then student will be assigned to work in the ISS office for the day. Any article of clothing or grooming that the principal or designee determines to be inappropriate or can reasonably be expected to cause disruption or be a hazard to safety will be prohibited.