Focus and Purpose of the Waco ISD MTSS-B Department:

    • Engage in Intentional practices that reduce workload for all stakeholders.
    • Continuous engagement in professional learning and growth will allow us to clarify          and refine district and campus processes.
    • Intentional processes and practices that build capacity in others.

    Core Principles:

    • Proactive Approach:  Identify and address student needs before problems arise.
    • Shared Responsibility:  Behavior is a school-wide concern, not solely for one person or department.
    • Instructional Approach:  Focus on teaching, prompting, monitoring, and recognizing desired behaviors.
    • Universal Success:  Belief that all students learn and succeed in Waco ISD.
    • Data-Driven Decisions:  Use data to inform interventions and track progress.






    Christy Freeman

    Director of Multi Tiered Systems of Support





    Caroline Nadel

    District Behavior Coach





    Adam Nulph

    District Behavior Coach








    Administration Building

    501 Franklin Ave.

    P.O. Box 27

    Waco, Texas  76703

    Ph: (254) 755-9473