• What is Social Emotional (SE) Health?

    The ability to understand and manage one's (1) emotions, (2) reactions and (3) relationships.

    Recognize to Restore

    Recognize what has happened.

    Restore balance, connection and belonging.


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A Model for Health-Promoting Systems

  • EdResearch for Recovery published a briefing on educator well-being that identified 3 key insights:

    1. Burnout and demoralization are distinctly different experiences that both impact educator well-being.

    2. School systems and structure can significantly "contribute to or buffer against" burnout and demoralization.

    3. Not surprisingly, the research also noted that "the pandemic has increased demoralization and burnout among many teachers."

    Burnout is a temporary state of exhaustion of personal and/or organization resources.

    Demoralization occurs when the educator cannot access the intrinsic reward of their work and
    feel unable to uphold their own standards of good and ethical work.


    Social emotional health work in Waco ISD requires a two-pronged approach:

    An educator may address aspects of burnout & demoralization through rest and self-care strategies. However, it also requires a broader, systems-based response. With so many educators facing burnout and demoralization, we face a shared responsibility to one another to create environments that will buffer against burnout and demoralization.

    (1) develop health-promoting systems & environments and

    (2) promote educator care for oneself & one another.

  • Systems of Care in Waco ISD


    Proactive Care: How do we promote well-being?


    Responsive Care: How do we respond with care and concern?


    Intervention Care: How do we elevate care when one of us needs help?


    Crisis Care: How do we respond before, during, and after a crisis?







  • Four Pillars to Direct SE Health Work