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    All 6th graders and students who did not have a device issued to them last year will be issued a Chromebook within the first two weeks of school. If your student does not have a working Chromebook, they can visit the TMS library to speak with  Mrs. Cannon in the Library, about their situation.  If the student's device has damage, they will be responsible for charges.



    Please have your students complete an Internet Device Request form through their Clever accounts. 

    The form can also be accessed by clicking here.

    The hotspot will be delivered within 48 hours to the campus, and the device can be picked up at the front office by the student's parent/guardian. The student is not guaranteed to be notified; he or she can just check in the Library after 48 hours have passed.


    LOST CHROMEBOOK CHARGERS for DELL Chromebook 3100 

    Students can purchase a replacement on Amazon for the best price.  The charger needs to be a 65w Type C charger. See this link for an example of the correct charger.

    Chargers can also be purchased through the online Revtrak system. Once a receipt is shown to the Library Aide or Librarian, she will give a new charger to the student. That charger will need to be turned in with the device when the student leaves the district.




    Students are responsible for caring for their technology. They are responsible for accidental damage and may accrue charges if tech is lost or damaged. Please see this website to pay for accrued fees or damages. ( https://wacoisd.revtrak.net/technology/chromebook-repair-or-replacement-fees/#/list)

    The website accepts checks, cashapp and credit cards.  Please screenshot your receipt and email it to our Librarian at Leslie.Cannon@wacoisd.org  to show proof of payment to Mrs. Cannon.

    If you prefer to pay with a check or money order, you may pay on campus. You can email our Librarian at Leslie.Cannon@wacoisd.org  if you have any questions.



    If student has set up security questions in the past, follow these directions.

    1. Go to password.wacoisd.org

    2. Click Need Help

    2. Enter username as s+ID (Ex: ID 12345 would be s12345)

    3. Respond to the questions that were previously set by student--match spelling and case

    4. Choose a new password that matches requirements

    If student has not changed their password and created security questions, please try the default username and password as shown below to sign in to their Google account.

    User Name (student email):

    s (student id)@student.wacoisd.org


    Capital first initial, lowercase second initial, @#, last FOUR digits of their id#


    EX: Diego Smith with ID 12345

    un: s12345@student.wacoisd.org

    pw: Ds@#2345

    If they still need assistance, please call the student helpdesk at 254-284-1072 and they will reset student password to the default. 



    Parents and students, please check Parent/Student Portal weekly to see updates on grades and attendance.

    If you need assistance with logging in to Parent Portal or Student Portal, please email the registrars below for password to be reset. 


    If a student does not attend a class period, they are counted absent. It is important that your student is attending and passing their classes so that they may receive credit for that course. The more support a student has to do these things, the better! 




    Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm or