• Frontline ERP & SIS Mobile App

    You can also access your student(s) information using the Frontline ERP & SIS mobile app available for both Android and IOS users.


    Getting Started With the ERP & SIS Mobile App

    Below is an overview of how users can get started with the ERP & SIS mobile app.


    Downloading the ERP & SIS Mobile App

    On their mobile devices, users go to the Apple App Store or Android Apps on Google Play and search for "Frontline Education" to find the ERP & SIS mobile app and download the mobile app.

    Apple AppStore






    Configuring the ERP & SIS Mobile App

    When users first access the ERP & SIS mobile app, the Configure page is displayed. Follow the steps below to complete the fields on this page.

    In the District field, select your school district -  Waco ISD

    For the Account Type:

    • Tap Student to access Student Mobile.
    • Tap Parent to access Parent Mobile.
    • Tap Submit. A pop-up box is displayed asking you to confirm your selections.
    • Tap OK to save your selections.

    The Configure page will not be displayed again when you open the ERP & SIS mobile app, but you can change your selections in Settings if necessary.

    Logging In

    The credentials you use to log in to the ERP & SIS mobile app vary based on the Account Type you selected.   If you need your credentials, please contact your campus for information.

    Accessing Mobile Applications With a Mobile Web Browser

    The mobile web applications can also be accessed outside of the ERP & SIS mobile app by using a specific URL for each application.  The link for each application is below (where “waco.teams.hosting” is your district’s URL for ERP & SIS).

    Supported Devices for Accessing Applications With a Mobile Web Browser

    Mobile web applications accessed by using one of the links above in a mobile web browser support the following devices:

    • Apple products running iOS 5 or later on iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch,
    • Android devices running version 3 or newer on smartphones or tablets,
    • Windows Phone 8 or newer, and
    • Safari or Chrome Web browsers.