2023-2024 Waco High Student of the Month

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    Waco High Student of the Year... Emiliano Merino 

    WHS Student of the Year

    April Student of the Month


    WHS JROTC Captain Denise Palacios

    I've been in the JROTC Program for the past 3 years of High School. I have held many Leadership Positions from Squad Leader to NCOIC of the Battalion S-1 office in JROTC. For the last two years in the program I have served as the S-1 Captain. As the OIC of S-1 Office I ‘m responsible for managing administrative tasks such as personnel records, promotions, awards, and other paperwork related to the cadets within the program. During my 3 years in JROTC, I’ve been part of the female Color Guard, Orienteering team, and
    Academics team as well. Being in JROTC these years have prepared me for life, the Cadets are like my second family. We learn alot about leadership and caring for each other. The friends and relationships I have made will stay with me long after High School is over.
    Apart from JROTC, I am also involved with the Varsity Choir and Student Council. After High
    School I plan on attending MCC and major in Marketing

    March Student of the Month

    GWAMA Student

    GWAMA Welding - Jacqueline Perez

    These past two years I’ve spent at GWAMA have been such an amazing experience, I never imagined myself taking a risk and learning something new. I am honored to be certified in something different that I never dreamed about. Being here taught me a lot, but it most importantly taught me to not be scared of trying something you think is out of your comfort zone, take the risk because you never know if that’s something you’re into unless you do it. GWAMA isn’t just another regular school, the teachers and staff make it feel like a second home by making learning into something fun and not stressful.


    February Student of the Month


    WHS Education and Training - Emiliano Merino

    Hello, my name is Emiliano Merino and I have been in the Education and Training field since my Freshman year of high school and have gotten experience with hands-on learning. Guidance from my instructors and colleagues has allowed me to develop a stronger understanding of what it means to be a teacher and how to create lessons that benefit the students. Through the help of my current instructor, Ms. Talley, I have developed skills that help me better understand the classroom environment. I have opportunities to work inside the classroom with students and get first-hand experience of going into the classroom each day.

    The Education Academy has helped me prepare for my future in the classroom by providing me with opportunities to work directly in classrooms. I am given all the resources that I need to expand my creative ideas, and I am paired with amazing colleagues and instructors who support my ideas, which help me recreate better lessons. I have given back to the community by volunteering at Crestview Elementary’s Field Day. I have chaperoned events with the teachers of Crestview, and I am getting an inside look at what background students are coming from. Being able to participate in the Crestview “Crestival” event helped me to be more open-minded and understanding. Lastly, I was able to present my portfolio in December which contained all of my findings and research that I have accumulated over the past two years of being inside the classroom. 

    I intend to use these skills and experiences at the University of Texas at Austin to help me pursue my degree in Education. I hope to teach a history course about all that has happened around the world. 

    January Student of the Month

    WHS Law and Public Service - Mark Wayne Windle

    I am the eldest of the four children in my family. Before high school, I was an accelerate student who, from as early as elementary school, had procured an interest in the Field of Criminal Justice as a result of lectures from law enforcement officers of the Waco Police Department regularly coming around to tell students about law enforcement and how they tend to the community as a whole.


    This insight ignited my desire to learn more about law enforcement, and in spite of my Freshman year of high school being online, I was immediately enrolled in the course Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security in Dual Credit to take my pathway; and it was here that I learned what form of mental fortitude law enforcement takes.


    In law enforcement, a person must drive their full commitment towards their work, and any debacle is a mere opportunity to improve upon oneself. Each obstacle was a unique learning opportunity, one that I encourage peers and colleagues alike not to allow to become missed opportunities.


    Each branch of law enforcement has its own facets; the Lilliputian branches and twigs that grow from each branch of a tree, and they all affect each other. The Field of Criminal Justice requires teamwork, patience, scrutiny, effort, and discipline. These core requirements helped me find my foot into the door of college, where I intend to eventually become a member of the Central Intelligence Agency.

    December Student of the Month

    WHS Student of the Month

    WHS Business/Marketing-Sarah Sperling

    Being the store manager in the business program has made an impact on me by showing me responsibility and how to become a leader my peers can follow. I've had the chance to improve my communication skills through my interaction with customers and employees. I've learned how to work well with others. I've also learned how to manage and save money from the class currency, as well as learning how to fill out job applications and interviewing potential employees. Having the advantage of participating in this class has given me the knowledge I can use in the real world to pursue my dreams. The benefits of the business program have taught me how to set realistic, achievable, and beneficial goals for myself. I'm thankful for the opportunity I was given by the business program. I will continue to apply these skills I've learned in the future.

    T. Allen

    GWAMA Construction: Treaveon Allen

    I have had the honor to be nominated as Student of the Month by Mrs. Novosad, who teaches construction at GWAMA (Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy). I am currently in my senior year of high school and scheduled to graduate in May 2024. Being at GWAMA has taught me so much I never thought to imagine throughout the three years I have been here. The reason I chose to come to GWAMA is because it seemed like it could give me alternate routes to take after high school. I chose to do construction because I felt it would give me the most opportunity to do work close to home, since there is a lot of construction in the Waco area. I also chose GWAMA because it would teach skills that would be good to know in the future. At GWAMA I am currently building a tiny house with my classmates. Not only are we building it but we are also designing it. I would like to thank Mrs. Novosad for believing in me, and nominating me for Student of the Month. I would like to thank Dr. McCall for allowing me to be here and participate at GWAMA for the three years I was here. Lastly, I would like to thank GWAMA as a whole, for teaching me how to be a better person.


    November Student of the Month

    Student of the Month

    Hailie Gilmore, Senior at Waco High - Class of 2024. 

    Embracing photography as a passion has been instrumental in helping me break out of my shell and find my voice within the school community.  It has provided a creative outlet for self-expression and communication.  Joining the yearbook team allowed me to actively participate in the school's narrative, pushing me to engage with various events and people, thus fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.The act of taking photos at different school events became a catalyst for my personal growth, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and interact with classmates, teachers, and subjects… thereby boosting my confidence.  As a photographer for the yearbook, I not only captured moments but also discovered the power of storytelling through visuals, enabling me to share narratives that resonated with the broader school community.

    Photography not only became a means of documenting school life but also a tool for personal empowerment, allowing me to overcome social barriers, be more vocal about my experiences, and truly become an integral part of the school's vibrant tapestry.


    October Student of the Month

    Greater Waco Advance Health Care Academy (GWAHCA)

    October Student

    Miguel Giron, WHS

    The reason I want to pursue a career in healthcare is due to the high demand as well as that I can help people directly or indirectly, such as being a Paramedic or a behind-the-scenes job like a Medical Lab Technician. In the healthcare industry, there's a need for helping hands and people's selflessness to devote themselves to others' needs beyond physical harm. The main reason I enjoy GWAHCA is the classes, which give an important leg-up to students wanting to enter the healthcare industry. But also the teachers at GWAHCA who enjoy helping students develop those necessary skills and ensuring that GWAHCA students will succeed in their future careers and ambitions. My plans after graduation are to attend MCC and enter into the paramedicine program to become Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified and eventually become a Paramedic. My final career goal is to become a flight paramedic and earn the Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) certification as well as become the pilot of a Helicopter Ambulance. 

    September Student of the Month



    Nathaniel Fields, WHS

    Hi, my name is Nathaniel Fields, and I am a student at the Waco High Automotive Academy. I’ve learned through hands-on experience and classroom learning and I've gained invaluable knowledge about automotive technology, maintenance, and repair. This academy offers certification programs that allow me to earn industry-recognized credentials. These certifications, such as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), help me find jobs in the market and demonstrate competence to potential employers. Working with fellow students on tasks like engine rebuilds or vehicle restorations taught us the importance of teamwork, effective communication, and division of labor – all skills essential in a professional automotive setting. The core of the Automotive Academy is hands-on work with vehicles. We had the opportunity to work on various types of vehicles, diagnosing and repairing issues ranging from simple maintenance tasks like oil changes, to more complex repairs. These experiences not only taught me the technical aspects of automotive work but also instilled a sense of confidence in my ability to tackle real-world automotive challenges and prepare me for the future. 

    This program helped me find what I want to do in the future and gave me the tools to do it. Thanks to my teacher, Mr. Daughtery, who taught me everything from when I first started the program. I have earned ASE certifications and applied to TSTC. We rebuilt many cars and different things about the automotive service industry. My goal after high school is to attend TSTC, obtain a degree in the automotive industry, and work for a Ford dealership. Thanks to my 3 years in the program, I know moving forward, I have the confidence that I can achieve my goals.