Welcome to the Student Self-Serve Resource Page

  • Welcome to the Waco ISD Student Self-Serve Resources page. 

    Student Self-Serve is an exciting opportunity for students' to take ownership of their educational experience.  After registering their Student Self-Serve account, students' will have access to the following information:

    • Grades (current progress report and 6-week report cards)
    • Schedule
    • Attendance
    • Notifications


    All information displayed in the Student Self-Serve portal is in real-time.  That means as soon as a teacher or administrator enters information into the system, it is available for you to access and review.

Registering for Student Self-Serve

  • All students in Waco ISD are provided access to a Student Self-Serve account.  To setup your account, access the Student Self-Serve application at https://waco.teams.hosting/selfserve/student and select the option to Register under the New Users menu.  To setup your Student Self-Serve account, you will need the following information:

    • Student Birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Student First Name
    • Student ID
    • Student Last Name
    • Zip code of Parent/Guardian home address
    • User ID (create your own)
    • Password (create your own)
    • Securtiy Question
    • Security Answer


    This information must match exactly with the information in the student information system.  If you have any trouble creating your account, please contact your campus counseling staff for support.


    Student Self-Serve new user registration window


  • To log in to your Student Self-Serve account, go to https://waco.teams.hosting/selfserve/student and select the Sign-in option on the Existing Users menu.  Enter your log in credentials created for your Student Self-Serve portal.  If you forget your password, enter your User ID in the log in window and select the Forgot Password option.  You will then enter the answer to your security question built during the account registration and select the Submit option.  You will then have the opportunity to change your password and complete your log in.  If you do not remember the answer to your security question, please contact your campus counseling staff.

    Student Self-Serve register user sign-in screen  


  • Once logged in, you will have access to attendance, grading, scheduling and notifications.  All information is displayed in real team.  You will not have access to your next year's schedule until the online registration process has been completed.

    Student Self-Serve attendance screen  Student Self-Serve report card grades

    Student Self-Serve progress report cards  Student Self-Serve student schedule

    Student Self-Serve notifications menu