Welcome to Parent Self-Serve (PSS) Portal

  • Welcome to the Waco ISD PSS Resources page. 

    Parent Portal is an exciting opportunity for parents to become more involved in their child’s education through the convenience of the Internet. You will have access to your child’s/children's:

    • Grades (current progress report and 6-week report cards)
    • Schedule
    • Attendance
    • Health Log
    • Discipline Log
    • Student Personal Information: address, phone, e-mail
    • Plus, send an email to any of your child's teachers   


    All information displayed in the PSS portal is in real-time.  That means as soon as a teacher or administrator enters information into the system, it is available for you to access.

Setting Up Your PSS Account

  • Parent/Guardian or Returning Student(s)

    For a parent/guardian who has completed an online registration during the current or any previous school year, the same login credentials created for this account can be used to access your PSS account.  Simply go to the PSS Sign-on, https://waco.teams.hosting/selfserve/parent, select the 'Sign-in' option under the Existing Users menu,  and enter your credentials for access.


    If you forgot you credentials, you can retrieve them using the 'Forgot User ID' and/or 'Forgot Password' options on the PSS Sign-on window.  If you are unable to recover your information, please send an email to registration@wacoisd.org for additional support.

    *Note - Parent/Guardian will only need to make one PSS Account for all students enrolled in Waco ISD*


    Parent/Guardian or Student(s) New to Waco ISD

    For a parent/guardian of a student who has never been enrolled in a Waco ISD school, your PSS Account will be created during the online registration of your new student(s).  Go to the online registration portal at https://waco.teams.hosting/registration and select the 'Register New User' option at the bottom of the screen.  Enter all required information on the first window and you will then be directed to create a User ID and Password.  These credentials will be used to complete the online registration process as well as to access your PSS Account once the student registration process has been completed by the campus.


    If you are unable to create your account, please send an email to registration@wacoisd.org for additional support.

    *Note - If the information entered on the first window matches an existing user in the system you will receive a pop-up message for an Existing User.  If you receive this warning, please stop the registration process and send an email to registration@wacoisd.org for support. DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT*


    Additional Parent/Guardian PSS Account

    If you would like to create an additional PSS Acount for a second parent/guardian (PSS Accounts are only available to a student's Parent/Guardian), simply go to the PSS Sign-on, https://waco.teams.hosting/selfserve/parent, select the 'Sign-in' option under the New Users menu,  and enter your all required information.  All data must match what is currently in the Frontline System for the account access to be created.  If you are unable to create your account, please contact the student's home campus for support, or send an email to registration@wacoisd.org for additional support.