• Title I Parent Engagement Policy and Home/School Compact


    Approximately 72% of Mountainview students are economically disadvantaged.  This entitles our campus to receive Title I, Part A federal funding to address the educational needs of all Mountainview students with strategies to improve the entire school so that every student achieves high levels of academic proficiency.

    Below please find our Title I Parent Engagement Policy which outlines how we at Mountainview plan to partner with parents to create a successful educational environment.

    You will also find a copy of our Home / School Compact which serves as a contract between the teacher, the student, and the parent or guardian and provides a clear direction for the partnership supporting student success at Mountainview Elementary.

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        Mountainview Elementary  Home-School Compact


    What is a Home-School Compact? 

    Our compact offers ways that we can collaborate to help students achieve the high standards of the state of Texas. It is a commitment made amongst school staff, families, and students to share the responsibility of promoting student achievement.



    Mountainview Elementary is committed to providing families ways to connect with our school and resources to further their child’s learning. Please consider attending one of the following events:

    10/30 Boo Bash and Fall Festival

    11/9 Thanksgiving Lunch

    11/30 Family Literacy Night 


    Teacher/Staff Commitments

    To support student achievement goals, I will…

    • Maintain open communication with families

    • Provide a positive, effective, and safe learning environment for all students

    • Hold parent-teacher conferences and parent nights that are focused on student success

    • Develop learning goals with students

    • Foster social and emotional health in students as part of student success and to address the whole child.


    Family Commitments

    To support student achievement goals, I will…

    • Maintain open communication with teachers and my child regarding academic progress and behavior

    • Read with my child daily, or have them read to me

    • Practice math facts, and provide opportunities for real-world problem-solving

    • Set goals with my child, and set high expectations for them.

    • Make sure that my child is at school on time (by 7:45 am) daily

    Student Commitments

    To support student achievement goals, I will…

    • Follow the Mountainview Way daily, “I will be safe, I will be respectful, and I will be responsible”

    • Arrive in class each day ready to focus and do my best work

    • Take responsibility for my learning and set high expectations for myself

    • Read at least 20 minutes daily

    • Communicate with teachers and staff when I need help 


    Contact Us

    Front office: Melissa.Saucedo@wacoisd.org

    Principal: Cari.Detlefsen@wacoisd.org

    Assistant Principal: Becky.Kersh@wacoisd.org

    Counselor: Taylor.Snider@wacoisd.org

    Nurse: Diana.Barnes@wacoisd.org