• 20-21 UHS CTE Students of the Month


    November Student of the Month

    Yoni Zuniga 


    Academy of Arts, AV and Communication


    As a kid my dream was to create video games and sell entertainment for video game products, but there were slight changes on what I wanted to do throughout my whole school experience.

    At mid year of Jr High I stopped thinking about becoming a video game developer and just wanted to regularly graduate, but when I heard about a class that worked with games and graphic designs, my curiosity spiked and I was interested in it.

    I saw so many graphic designs on display when I took a trip to University High School and it made me want to say “I wanna create something like that/this” so I started to enroll in The Academies of Arts,Audio/Video Technology & Communications they offered in University High School.

    In the beginning of this course it was pretty difficult to understand what I needed to do in front of a computer screen but being taught the skills and using the tools I needed to advance to the next level in Graphic Design has made me understand how graphic designers can convey a message to their audience.

    I now have a new mindset and thinking on enrolling into MCC or TSTC in around the Graphic Design industry and take on small jobs that are involved with Design projects for companies, promotions, advertising or with game and content creation.

    The Academies of Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications (AAAVTC) is one of the most experienced Academies I have learned in and I do hope to learn more about my experience and develop greater skills to bring a message with my own/cooperative Graphic Designs.


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    October Student of the Month

    Alyssa Diaz


    Academy of Health Science - GWAHCA

    How GWAHCA and Cancer helped pave my future.
    As a child I dreamed of attending NYU to study music. Cancer changed my dreams, my aspirations, my goals, my future and thanks to the Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy I feel I can reach my dream of becoming an Oncologist or an Oncology Nurse. 
    My journey with cancer began January 2, 2017 the week one of my favorite people in this world was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time I did not know or understand what a cancer diagnosis was. I was in Jr High and still had high hopes of doing something in the music industry. By August of that year everything had changed. I was living in a state of heightened emotions. I was sad, hopeful, angry and in despair watching my favorite aunt fight a losing battle against one of the worlds most feared and dreaded diseases. My Freshman and sophomore years were a blur as I watched her fade before my eyes. I did the only thing a 15 year old could do and attended as many chemotherapy sessions with her as possible. This is where I created Scobedo a puppet made out of a surgical glove to make her smile. I watched in awe as the doctors, nurses and aides all helped her feel better in one way or another. I learned what a port was, how an IV drip works among other things I found fascinating. It was then that I knew what I wanted to be what I needed to become. A new dream grew with new goals and a future in the medical field. April 6, 2018 she lost her battle with cancer. I felt lost. It was around that time I learned of the Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy and found myself hopeful for the first time in a long time. 
    I felt an instant sense of relief because there was my answer. I could attend GWAHCA and see if the medical industry truly was my calling. I began GWAHCA my Junior year in High School. Around the same time that my Step-Mom, my wonderful bonus mom of 14 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. Again I found myself in a state of shock and anger but this time it was different. This time I had a purpose. I would attend GWAHCA with the hopes of one day becoming an oncologist or oncology nurse. I was nervous my first day, praying that the outcome for her would be different and praying that I had found my calling. My first year in GWAHCA was nothing short of amazing. We began clinicals at Saint Catherine's where I got hands on experience working with patients. I knew then the medical industry needed me as much as I needed it. The wonderful staff at both GWAHCA and St. Catherine's encouraged me. I was told time and time again that I could be a great Certified Nursing Assistant also known as a CNA or caregiver. That fall I began to encourage anyone that would lend an ear to donate blood and made it my mission to get as many people as possible to donate. In remembrance of my aunt and the times she needed a blood transfusion I passed out flyers at my moms job encouraging her peers to donate and help save lives. 
    Summer 2020 in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic and thanks to everything I learned my first year at GWAHCA I was blessed with my first job in the medical field. Working as a Resident Care Associate at one of our local nursing homes. I spent the summer working with patients feeling grateful for the opportunity at such a young age. I watched my momma fight all summer and beat cancer ringing her chemo bell halfway through. I thought the battle won and felt a fire within me to fight with her in the only way I know how. I fight for good grades so that I can graduate high school and go onto receive a degree in the medical field. 
    It is now my Senior year in high school. I still work as a resident care associate at the nursing home while attending GWAHCA and High School maintaining my top 20 percent status. I learned just yesterday that after all the chemo, radiation and a mastectomy her cancer has not only returned but has spread to her bones. I'm crushed. There are no words to explain the feeling of knowing I might once again have to face losing someone I Love to this disease. I am angry only this time with the help of GWAHCA I plan to channel that anger into something good. I will be accepted into a Pre Med or Nursing program at a 4 year university. I will spend the next few months or years tending to my mom helping her in any way that I can using the skills I've learned so far in my medical journey at GWAHCA. I will make her and my aunt proud. I am beyond grateful that my high school has a partnership with GWAHCA. I can not thank GWAHCA enough for giving me a sense of purpose.

    October Student of the Month

    Julian Monrail


    Academy of Automotive Technology

    Hello, my name is Julian Monrail and Mr. Engelbrecht has nominated me for student of the month of October.

    Mr.Engelbrecht teaches advanced automotive technology, which is the academy of technology.  I am in his 4th and 5th period, he teaches it with passion, and he is always there when you are having trouble on any certain vehicle in relation to automotive.

    My dreams of the future are to be working for a national or even worldwide company related to my field of degree of diesel technology or automotive technology. In addition, I would like to do the collision repair program.

    For me to consider my life to be prosperous, thirty years from now and looking back, I would have to have had finished high school, and college in the diesel technician program, and the Automotive program at Texas State Technical College for me to consider my life successful.

    The people in my life that I need to accomplish these goals are my family and supporting friends I will need to be ambitious and have support from family members. One advantage that I have is that I grew up with a stepfather that worked gasoline cars and trucks and diesel vehicles. This also has helped me learn how to work on cars/trucks, and know the different parts on the vehicles. And diagnose different problems