• 20-21 WHS CTE Students of the Month


    November Student of the Month

    Hesten Mirick


    Academy of Arts, AV and Communication


    Receiving student of the month means everything to me.  It shows that I am doing everything I can to accomplish my dreams and goals. The skills I have received at Waco High School have shaped my future and will definitely have a great foundation for my future projects in college. Therefore, I have an advantage leaving high school and taking my knowledge into my career in the upcoming years. I want to thank the school, the community and especially my teachers in all my classes because they are amazing and hardworking people that are helping me understand my future and potential. 

    The world of imagination is something everyone wants to fully understand and create to his or her design. Starting with the foundation course, Principles of Arts, Audio/Visual Technology & Communication, it has led me to an understanding that I have the ability to achieve my dream of creating animation, film, special effects, etc. in the world of Hollywood. As I moved from Principles to AAVTC into Animation, I learned the understanding of a camera, even the creation of a 3D plane inside of a program morphing it into something that shows who you are and your sense of style of design. Everyone has a unique feature when it comes to a project, to a rhythm of events that holds a deeper meaning or simply the way the environment is structured.

    When I was younger, I absorbed everything in the world of animation, I would spend hours on end watching dumb videos on the internet and researching every little thing I possibly could that went into them. I would always get involved with the stories people told and created from the ground up pushing into their universe and understanding who they are as a person and their ideas that followed. The concept of making a world with your laws and creations roaming free has always inspired me to do more with my creativity and attempt to make something out of it. I got into animation for the fact that I could control everything and tell a story without relying on a team of actors and a good stage crew. The stories I could come up with and spend time analyzing really helped me see how I wanted to take my animation knowledge. Everything that had to do with movement and dynamic facial expressions is what I enjoyed the most. I was like being a director of my own reality.

    Growing up I was always fascinated with film. The way the camera showed something more than what is told by the characters. Also, the way a story is structured to the style of a director has always intrigued me. When I was first exposed to a movie that grabbed my attention and threw me into a completely new world, was when I first saw Star Wars. It opened many possibilities to what I could accomplish with animation and an amazing sense of creativity. My imagination became more than just a tool. I begged my grandparents to buy me a little camera that I would soon heavily abuse in the years to follow. I would paint on my siblings and make them look like the zombies from George A. Romero’s Dawn of the dead, and film my own take on the unique undead story with a hint of Sam Raimi’s evil dead. My stories were all over the place until I found out about the CTE programs at Waco High School.

    The Classes showed me more about the world of film design and everything that comes with it. I learned about script writing and plot design, the lights and important rules for camera and scenery. I finally understood everything about the crews and system that goes into all aspects when creating movies. The way directors made the movies and the rules of design that went into the basic blueprints are important. Every creator has their own unique taste when it comes to a creation of their own. I would practice forming my own style when I would create models and worlds in Blender. That is what hooked me into the society of animation that Star Wars once did.

    Animation brought me to a point in my life that I was interested not just in the film itself but the style the creators implemented into their stories. Getting into style led me to a director named Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki is a director of many animated movies and would always tell the story to a realistic fiction, which included in his films everything from realism to humor. He would add realism to animation, for example, the way a character would cut into a melon was with force and friction so it was never a smooth cut. This helped me push my limits in animation and formed my cartoony but serious style in my work. My animation class is everything I enjoy about movies and Hollywood, when I step into this class it sucks me in and brings me to a safe space where I learn more about the course of film itself.



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    October Student of the Month

    Makayla Hector


    Academy of Health Science - GWAHCA  

    Throughout my Sophomore year of high school I wanted to be involved in a medical program that provided hands-on training then I had the pleasure of hearing a lecture about the Greater Waco Advanced Healthcare Academy which kindled my curiosity. Once the lecture was over I spoke to the representative of the academy about the courses that are given at the Greater Waco Advanced Healthcare Academy and the environment in which these classes are given in was described also. That day I made the decision to attend the GWAHCA so I could build a stable foundation for my future in medicine. This program has helped me prepare for my future in a professional setting by providing programs in which you are placed in situations that your body language and tone of voice are being observed by other individuals. At this academy the CTSO that I have taken part of is HOSA this program which helps students develop skills like teamwork and communication.     

    Furthermore outside of this academy the community service that I have taken part of are through the National Honor Society which include volunteering at Fuzzy Friends. The life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today would be moving to Puerto Rico, an island in which the primary language is English, I was 6 years old and I had recently moved to an unfamiliar place where the majority of its population only speak Spanish. The challenge that I had to overcome was breaking a communication barrier by learning how to speak Spanish this challenge at the beginning seemed overwhelming but now this ability to communicate with non bilingual people that I may encounter is beneficial to my personal and professional life.



    October Student of the Month

    David Romero  


    Academy of Automotive Technology

    Taking the Automotive program at Waco Highschool has changed my life for the better. Coming into high school my freshman year, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue when I graduate from high school. At first I only took the automotive classes not thinking that I wanted to make a career out of it, but only because it was the only class I thought I would be most interested in out of the other CTE classes. During this time, I got a part time job at a restaurant as a busser on the weekends only getting around ten to sixteen hours a week since I was still young. I started saving some money with the job that I was working to eventually buy a pick-up truck in the near future. As time went on I gained more knowledge about vehicles, such as how to maintain your vehicle, how to change tires, what kind of fluids a vehicle has, ect. 

    Sophomore year was when I saved enough money to buy my very first pickup truck which is a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. It was in poor condition when I purchased it, but with the stuff I learned so far in my automotive classes I was able to fix it up and made it run. A lot of the stuff I did at home such as a battery replacement, oil change, coolant flush and replacement, and headlight replacement. All the lessons I was being taught in my automotive class were going into use in fixing my vehicle. It was when I realized that this is the career path I wanted to pursue after I graduated.  My goal after high school is to go to college and get my associates degree from TSTC; get as much experience possible and work at a shop or dealership as an intern and later move up as a technician. 

    Junior year in high school was when I started bringing my truck to school. I got permission from my automotive teacher Mr.Campos to bring my truck to the shop which was usually Fridays to work on it. I started putting in more money into my truck and put in more hours at my job and eventually got a second job at a halloween store which was only temporary to make some extra money to invest in my truck. It was also my Junior year when TSTC introduced a dual-credit automotive program at Waco High. It gave me and other students the opportunity to get college credits for TSTC and get a headstart whenever we graduate high school and go to college. I tried to put in the most attention I possibly could to learn more about cars and how to make a career out of it. Spring break 2020 was when the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. Schools shut down, classes were moved digitally so everything was now taught on computer. All of the lessons were moved to online and it was pretty intimidating because we were basically put on the spot and tried to learn the material with the instructions laid there without a teacher having to explain to us. It definitely made it hard for me to learn because I am more of a hands on learner than a computer or book learner. Even with that obstacle I managed to pass all my classes and passed my final for automotive which was an ASE test for Maintenance and Light Repair. 

    This year is my last year of high school, my senior year. We had the chance to come to school or stay home and do online school. Of course I chose to come to school because I know that if I do online school; I would have not done all of my work or put it on the back burner and play video games instead. Of course because of the COVID-19 pandemic they put some restrictions on the school. We don’t have as much shop time as we did previous years, and almost all the work is done on computers. Either way I am not gonna let that affect me on pursuing my career. 

    I want to give thanks to all the automotive teachers at Waco High on nominating me for student of the month. Mr.Chavez, Mr.Penny, Mr.Daugherty and Mr.Campos.