Teacher Schedules & Office Hours

  • Each teacher will send a class message to students and families using the Announcement Tool in the designated LMS (Seesaw/Canvas) at the beginning of each week. This message will include an outline for the week, scheduling, and News to Know. Students who need intervention will also receive separate video conference invites through Seesaw or Canvas.

    Teachers will maintain daily office hours and will be available to respond and answer questions for at least 45 minutes each school day. Teacher office hours are posted on each teacher’s Seesaw or Canvas account.

    Parent/Guardian Contact Time

    • Monday-Thursday, teachers will reserve daily time for parent/guardian contact and communicate availability to parents/guardians. If parents/guardians are not available, they can arrange an alternate time with the teacher. Fridays will be reserved for staff meetings and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)for teachers.

    Office Hours for Student Questions

    • Teachers will be available Monday-Thursday to respond live (using Zoom, phone, or real-time discussion board) to students during scheduled office hours and synchronous learning times.