• Students are expected to engage in all courses and modes of instruction each day. Attendance will be taken daily, and students must have a 90% attendance rate or better to be promoted to the next grade level or receive credit for a course. While students can be counted present even if they are working in the evening rather than during the day, it is important for them to be actively engaged in as many live lessons as possible.

    For elementary remote students, depending on their grade level, the daily schedule will include one to two hours of live, group instruction with a teacher in several smaller blocks throughout the day. They will also have pre-recorded lessons to watch and other activities to complete during the day. That work can be completed at night, but students must be engaged each day to be counted present. For middle and high school remote students, the daily schedule will line up with the eight-period schedule

    How attendance and engagement will be counted:

    Teachers will post lessons in the Seesaw or Canvas LMS, and students and parents should log in to the LMS daily for assignments. To make progress in their learning plan, each student must meet one of the following criteria each day as appropriate for the course and learning:

    • Demonstrate progress in the LMS (Seesaw or Canvas) each instructional day
    • Complete work and submit assignment(s) during the instructional day
    • Participate in teacher to student contact during the instructional day, which is defined as:
      • Online Discussion
      • Video Conferencing
      • Email Conversation
      • Phone Conversation

Student Expectations

    • Attend class on time, according to the class schedule.
    • Dedicate appropriate time to learning each day.
    • Check Seesaw or Canvas daily for activities and announcements.
    • Engage with teachers daily as you work to complete assignments.
    • Engage with teachers as assigned or needed through live conferencing.
    • Submit all assignments by due dates.
    • Communicate with the teacher when needing additional assistance or support.
    • Adhere to the dress code and student code of conduct as outlined in the WISD Student Handbook.

Family Roles & Responsibilities

    • Become familiar with your child’s remote learning schedule and teacher expectations.
    • Create a parent account in the learning management system used by your child to monitor student progress and assignment due dates. Elementary students will use Seesaw. Here is a link to a parent introduction and tutorial to Seesaw. Middle and high school students will use Canvas. Here is a link to a parent introduction and tutorial to Canvas.
    • Ensure that your child engages in daily instruction and submits assignments on time through the learning management system.
    • Monitor district communications and maintain communication with your child’s teachers and campus.
    • Communicate with the teacher when needing additional assistance, tutoring, etc.
    • Understand attendance requirements and grading for remote instruction.