• Working with local health experts and the company that operates our buses, we are implementing a series of measures to reduce the potential for the virus to spread between people on our buses.

Bus Routes

  • Parents can use the online search tool linked below to assist in locating the bus stop nearest to their home. By entering the home address in the search tool, parents can quickly locate their student's attendance zone, bus stop, bus number, morning pick-up time and afternoon drop-off time.

    Find your bus information

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

  • Some of our campuses are also revising their procedures for drop off and pick up to help maintain space between students as they are screened and enter the school. If your campus is updating their process, they will send you more information before the first day of school.

Health & Safety Protocols

    • Every morning and afternoon, buses will be cleaned and sanitized using hospital-grade disinfectants.
    • Like our employees, each day, bus drivers will be screened for possible symptoms of COVID-19 and have their temperatures taken.
    • Hand sanitizing stations are being added at the entrance to each bus.
    • All drivers and bus aides will participate in monthly safety meetings.
    • Masks are required on buses, and disposable masks will be available on each bus in case a student is waiting at a bus stop without one.
    • Students will be spaced out as much as possible on buses. However, exactly how much space we are able to maintain between students on buses will depend on how many students choose in-person instruction and, in turn, how many of those students choose to ride the bus.
    • As the school year starts, the company that operates our buses will be monitoring how many students are on each route. If we are not able to maintain a safe distance between students with one bus for a route, another bus will be added. Seven new buses have also been purchased for the 2020–21 school year.
    • Students will not be screened for possible symptoms of COVID-19 before they board a bus in the morning. Instead, every student will be screened and have their temperature taken when they arrive at their campus each morning.