CTE Course Availability & Delivery Method

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are available to all secondary WISD students. All CTE courses will be available in a virtual format for students choosing asynchronous remote instruction. Learning in CTE courses may take place in the following ways:

    • Virtually, or
    • Virtually with optional on-campus activities

Equipment & Lab Material Check-Out/Return Procedures

  • Some CTE courses may require students to check out equipment, materials, or supplies to complete virtual labs or learning activities. The CTE teacher will provide details for the check-out and return of the materials. Students are responsible for the materials and may be held financially responsible for loss, damage, or stolen equipment.

On-Campus Required Activities

    • CTE courses that require specialized equipment, direct supervision of hands-on activities, and specific materials and technology are identified as “On-campus Required.” Course credit may not be awarded, and attendance may be negatively impacted if a student does not complete on-campus requirements.
    • Some CTE courses require advanced computer hardware and software. Students with access to the appropriate technology may complete these courses remotely; however, students without access to the necessary technology will need to complete these courses with on-campus participation, which may be available in campus computer labs during after school hours. Course teachers will share a schedule at least one week in advance with options for after school hours.
    • District transportation will not be provided for students who enroll in virtual learning. Students will provide their transportation to/from campus or worksites for courses with on-campus requirements.

Does my class have on-campus requirements?

  • Use the CTE Course Availability and Delivery Method document to view courses that have on-campus requirements.

    Students who enrolled in one of these courses should contact a WHS, UHS, GWAMA, or GWAHCA counselor immediately to discuss course participation options.

    Additional information about CTE courses and remote learning can be found by visiting the WISD CTE webpage