• Under Policy CKC, Waco ISD is required to conduct mandatory school drills and exercises to prepare District students and employees for responding to an emergency. Annually, each campus must conduct the following emergency drills according to guidelines provided by the State of Texas Fire Marshall and/or Texas School Safety Center. 


    Every year, schools have an influx of new students, parents, and staff. These newcomers have no knowledge of how to quickly exit the building.  It is critical to hold a fire drill during the first ten days of school in order to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. The Waco ISD Emergency Operations Plan requires that one fire drill be conducted each month when school is in session for more than 10 days. The following is a list of emergency preparedness drills for Waco Independent School District:


    • Fire (monthly)
    • Evacuation-Non Fire (once a year)
    • Secure  (2x yearly)
    • Hold (2x yearly)
    • Shelter-In-Place for Hazmat (once a year)
    • Shelter-In-Place for Weather (once a year)
    • Lockdown (2x yearly)


    Types of Drills: Drill--A set of procedures that test a single, specific operation or function. Drill examples include evacuating for a fire, medical emergency, neighborhood disturbance, severe weather, or locking down from an internal threat.

  • Waco ISD utilizes the I Love You Guys Foundation Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for emergency response language to provide consistent, shared language and actions among all students, staff, and first responders. For more information on the Standard Response Protocol, please visit the Texas School Safety Center website

  • If you have any questions regarding these practices please contact:

    Suzanne Hamilton, Executive Director for Student Services  254-755-9417