Dress Code Guidelines

  • 2023-2024 Dress and Grooming (All Grade Levels)

    Dress and Grooming (All Grade Levels)

    The district’s dress code teaches grooming and hygiene, prevents disruption and minimizes safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

    • Students must wear shoes. No beach-style flip-flops or house shoes will be allowed.

    • Hats, caps, and hoods may not be worn inside the school building during the school day. These items may be worn at other school-sponsored events as determined appropriate by the principal or designee. Sunglasses or other glasses not required for vision correction may not be worn inside the building.

    • Hair must not be tied up in a bandana or covered by a hat, a hood, a cap, a doo rag, or a visor. Hair rollers must not be worn. Mustaches and beards shall be acceptable.

    • Articles of clothing with pictures, emblems, or writings that are lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene, or advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under Board Policy FNCA (Local) are not allowed.

    • Shirts must have sleeves, and the neck opening on any type of shirt may not exceed the equivalent of the second button below the collar. All shirts must be tucked in pants and/or skirts if they extend beyond the end of the student’s fingertips. Students will not wear halters, tank tops that expose any part of the midriff, low-cut dresses/tops, short shorts, or excessively tight clothing. Cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, and sweatshirts may be worn outside of pants and skirts.

    • Undergarments must be covered by a student’s clothing, including brassieres or appropriate undergarments. Underwear-type shirts such as tank tops or muscle shirts are not acceptable and may only be worn with t-shirts under them. 

    • Clothes should fit and be worn appropriately. Pants are to be worn at the waist and with a belt (if the pants have belt loops) and shirts buttoned. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must extend beyond the end of the student’s fingertips when standing. No sagging pants or oversized clothes are permitted. 

    • Longer athletic/gym-style shorts may be worn.

    • Pierced earrings may be worn on the ear(s) only. All other body-piercing jewelry is prohibited. “Grillz” or temporary decorations on teeth are not to be worn.

    • Tattoos or fake tattoos are allowed if they are not lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene or advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under Board Policy FNCA (Local).


    If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school and return to the classroom. If the problem cannot be corrected at school, the principal will work with the student and parent to obtain an acceptable change of clothing for the student to minimize the loss of instructional time.

    Repeated or severe offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.


    Read the full Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct