April 2020
  • Child Abuse Prevention Day !! 

    Waco High and University High school students enrolled in 'Human Growth & Development' have challenged us to wear blue in support of Child Abuse Prevention..

    In Texas, more than 3 children die from abuse or neglect on average every week, 182 children are confirmed victims daily, and more than 7 children are maltreated every hour.

    Child abuse is the mistreatment of a child that results in harm or injury. There are four basic types of child abuse. Children being abused are likely to experience more than just one type of abuse.

    There is no doubt that the strain and stress on families during the COVID-19 crisis, and any crisis for that matter, puts children at an increased risk of negative outcomes, including that of child abuse and neglect. But it’s important to recognize that child abuse and trauma is not a new risk. It has been a longstanding public health crisis and epidemic, with more than 60,000 confirmed cases in Texas alone each year.

    Please join us by post a picture in support #WISDChildAbusePrevention