UHS TAFE Officers 2019 -20

    Gabrielle Taylor - President

    Stephanie Vaquera- Vice President

    Anali Olguin- Secretary



    T.A.F.E. Students Head to Nationals in Washington D.C.

    This past week, twelve of our Texas Association of Future Educators (T.A.F.E.) students participated at the State Teach Tomorrow Conference in McAllen, Texas. We are excited to announce that Kaleigh Oates and Genesis Santos have advanced to Nationals that will take place in Washington D.C. this June.

    Kaleigh Oates presentation of ’ lesson planning’ and Genesis Santos speech on “educators rising moment’ advanced them to the Educator Rising National Conference. They will travel to Washington D.C. this summer to represent University High School for this National Competition. Ivette Padron and Mariah Sosa came home with a blue ribbon for project visualize educational awareness while Hannah Herrera and Arianna Cordona brought home a red ribbon for project visualize service. Myrka Cordero and Erica Galvan also brought home a red ribbon for interactive bulletin board high school level. Other students competing at the State competition were Stephanie Vaquera, Estefania Pizano, Gabrielle Taylor and Anali Olguin.

    The intent of this organization is to gather students who are interested in being future educators and foster that passion. Each student who participated at this level left this weekend feeling empowered in their choices to be the future of our education system. We heard from several different keynote speakers who inspired our students to think more deeply and creatively about how to engage in and transform the approach to working with students.

    We want to congratulate all these students for the hard work, great dedication and representation of University High School., Waco, Texas. We can’t wait to see how they change the lives of their own students in the future!



    Genesis Santos advances to Nationals for her speech on “educators rising moment’.

    N 3

    Kaleigh Oates advances to Nationals for her presentation of ’ lesson planning’.

     Nationals 2

     Sponsors: Karen Baier, Denin Williams, Alex Stucky



    UHS TAFE Students Headed to compete at STATE TAFE in McAllen, February 19 - 22

    Good Luck to
    Myrka Cordero
    Erica Galvan
    Gabrielle Taylor
    Kaleigh Oats
    Anali Olguin
    Genesis Santos
    Stephanie Vaquera
    Mariah Sosa
    Ivette Padron
    Estefania Pizano
    Amya Taylor
    Ariana Cardona
    Hannah Herrera
    Alissa Salinas

    Karen Baier
    Denin Williams
    Denise Gunn
    Alex Tandy

    TAFE NEWS 11/15/19

    TAFE is up and running!  We raised over $500 with our Teacher Tender Tuesday on Oct. 29th.  We participated in the UHS Fall Carnival and the South Waco Elementary Fall Carnival. Our students helped with set-ups and take-downs and manned the booths.  

    Two of our TAFE members have implemented a Health Awareness mission.  After going through the American Heart Association CPR/First Aid training, they wanted others to be aware of basic first aid.  They have traveled around the school demonstrating basic first aid to teachers that are not certified, trying to get them to take a course!

    TAFE students have been preparing for the Regional Conference coming up on December 6 at UMHB.  Last year we took 7 students to the conference and this year we have 35 registered.