• Parkdale PDS




    Parkdale’s School Parent Compact defines the goals and objectives that our school will reach for our Parkdale students one and all.  Our Panthers will be ready for the real world with their most foundational skills being fostered as they attain their academic benchmarks with hard work and support from their parents and teachers alike.  Please review the following as all stakeholders align to this agreement-parents, teachers, students and the community. 



    Parkdale Faculty and Staff understand the importance of the school experience to every student to assure lifelong success in their professional and personal life.  It is with this mindset that the school agrees to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of their ability. Our school will:

    • Give high-quality curriculum and instruction, that is comparable to the typical elementary setting that meets and surpasses the challenging State academic standards via certified and qualified faculty and staff.
    • Provide the highest level of preparation for the world of work with technology use in both hardware and software to reach fluency, as needed for today’s world, as students move along with their educational career, post-secondary life with scholastic and vocational pursuits alike.
    • Develop higher order thinking skills, ability to problem solve, work collaboratively and cohesively with character building sessions that focus on those needed skills for success.
    • Provide for student basic needs for completion of school tasks in a healthy and secure setting, as school supplies and meals are provides, as well as additional services such as optical and dental screenings.
    • Provide frequent professional communication to parents regarding academic progress and behavior regarding their child with campus based methods like grade level newsletters, Class DOJO and phone calls/emails plus campus based meetings as requested to assure two way communication is the norm.
    • As a faculty and staff, we will treat every child and family member with respect and address their needs through communication and collaboration, provide opportunities for both group and one to one sessions such as annual Proud Panther Parent Night, Fall Fest, student led conferences and new opportunities for fellowship and relationship building to form solid partnerships for the betterment of all stakeholders.



    Our parents understand that their active participation is needed and encouraged to support in their child's education and reach their goals for high scholastic achievement and best possible attitude. Parents are a priceless resource to enable every school and student to succeed.  Therefore, parents will continue to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of his/her ability to best serve in our partnership for the benefit of their children at Parkdale. Our parents will:

    • Offer to volunteer in their child’s classroom to support both student and teacher.
    • Support their child’s learning to the best of their ability.
    • Actively participate, as needed, in decisions relating to the education of their child and their extracurricular time, such as ARDS, LPAC meetings and events like Art Show and Musicals.
    • Provide a home setting that supports learning and encourages their child to be their very best self that is respectful to themselves, their teachers and their peers.
    • Assure their child reports to school on time and ready to learn.
    • Attend conferences, timely reply to communications and school functions to show support for their child and all of Parkdale.



    Parkdale Panthers, our students, are held to high expectations for their success in both academics and behavior.  The student is an important stakeholder in their education even as a young child they are faced with making good decisions.  Our young students are guided to the realization that their education is key to their success for today and tomorrow.  Our children must be active in the learning process. Students will:

    • Attend school daily and on time.
    • Hold a positive attitude every day.
    • Complete classwork and homework timely and with their absolute best effort.
    • Cooperate with their teacher in the classroom and campus wide setting.
    • Ask for help with any areas of need.
    • Respect for themselves, their teachers and peers on campus at all times.