• 2020 March Student of the Month


    Academy of Robotics & Electronics - GWAMA

    Kaleb Martin


    My name is Kaleb Martin and I am a senior at Waco High and a 3rd year student at GWAMA. Originally when I first joined GWAMA I had planned to join the welding academy but when all of the classes were full I settled for joining Robotics. I wasn’t much of a hands on type of person so I wasn’t very interested in building but as we started to program our robots I discovered that I liked programming. Eventually I discovered a passion for CAD and 3D printing which led to me joining SkillsUSA for Additive Manufacturing in which my team won 1st place in district, and are advancing to State. Now I am pursuing a career in Computer Science and Material Engineering and I never would have considered a job in either field if I had never joined GWAMA.


    2020 March Student of the Month


    Academy of Welding - GWAMA

    William Harris


    When I heard about GWAMA and all the things that I could do, like welding, robotics, construction, I signed up immediately because I didn't want to miss the chance to go. In my first year going here I learned so much. I gained a lot of knowledge and skills.  Being at GWAMA gives me better opportunities when I graduate and head into the real world. I earned certifications in forklift operation and OSHA-10.  I have been in welding for three years now and I hold certifications through AWS in D1.1 structural and D1.9 sheet metal welding codes.

    GWAMA also teaches soft skills: how to present yourself when you go to a job interview, what sort of questions they ask, and they also help you make your own resume. I have all these things ready before I receive my diploma. GWAMA also sets up days for job fairs; companies will tell us about themselves and tell us what they are looking for in their employees, you might get lucky and get a job with them if you're good! GWAMA has given me so many opportunities that I would never have had available if I was to stay at Waco High alone. Now when I graduate as of 5/30/2020 I know that I will have many job choices using the skills I gained from GWAMA. 

    Before GWAMA I didn’t really know what I wanted to truly do with my life. Now I know what I want to be a welder. I want to thank Mr. Vargas, my first year welding teacher, and Mr. Lara my 2nd and 3rd year welding teacher for their work with me; because without them I would not know what I know now. I want to recommend kids from all different schools to come to GWAMA, because you are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity. You could build on your career early by getting: certifications you never thought you could get, a well-paying job right out of high school, and all the knowledge and skills to keep that job. This is what makes GWAMA special and why I love it.

    2020 February Student of the Month


    Academy of Education & Training

    Aaviona Smith


    My name is Aaviona Smith and I am a senior at WHS. I am currently a CTE Ready Set Teach participant and excited to be the WHS Education and Training Student of the Month.  Being involved in the Ready Set Teach program has allowed me to pursue my passion of working with elementary age students. My future plans involve attending MCC and later transferring to a 4-year University to obtain my degree in Elementary Education. I would further my education by obtaining my Principal certification in an effort to maximize my financial potential in the workplace.

    When I look back at my life thirty years from now I would consider myself successful after witnessing the success of my former students I interned at Crestview Elementary. That would include seeing those students reach their potential academically. In order for my goals to be accomplished I would need to stick with the educational plan that I have continued to follow throughout my high school career. My parents have continued to be one of the biggest supporters in my life and without their guidance I would not be where I’m at today.


    2020 January Student of the Month


    Academy of Business & Marketing

    Christopher Arias


    High school has been an overall challenging experience throughout all 4 years. I have been a part of the career prep class since my junior year. The class has helped me tremendously. This class is not a simple do a worksheet and turn it in class. It has taught me a copious amount of real life fundamentals, then when used correctly, they will put me at a major advantage in life. The program has also offered me off periods that allowed me to get ahead in my work life, and allowed me to save all of the money I have collected over the years.

    The career prep program has taught me how to invest, properly write checks, and how to nail a job interview with basic principles that everyone can learn. We also learned how to dress formally depending on what type of job we are seeking. The class has allocated all kinds of communication skills, that can further students in any career path they choose. Throughout the course we have a variety of guest speakers who talk about and offer the different career paths we can choose after high school. The speakers include; recruiters from the military, students from culinary school, bankers who work on the investment part of the bank and such and so forth. Using the skills that were obtained from this class, they have actually made me a better worker and allowed me to move up in the ladder at my job. I am now an assistant manager.



    Academy of Architecture and Construction

    Matthew Grady


    My name is Matthew Grady and I chose GWAMA because I wanted to have a career in the HVAC industry, and I knew that attending the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy would give me the best chance at attaining that goal.

    In the two years that I have been enrolled at GWAMA, I have learned leadership skills, work safety, and I have obtained a handful of certifications that have helped me become a more resourceful student. GWAMA has helped prepared me for life after school by teaching me responsibility, and giving me the opportunity to learn life skills such as filling out a W2 or learning to manage your money and start a savings account.

    For those who wish to know what GWAMA really is all about, this school is dedicated to shaping young minds into hard working tradesmen/tradeswomen. I would recommend that if you have a dream and have the desire to reach that dream, then apply for GWAMA and get ready for the best teachers and staff that Waco ISD has to offer. I can assure you that whatever your dreams may be, the staff at GWAMA will do whatever it takes to get you on the path to success.

    2019 December Student of the Month


    Academy of Law and Criminal Justice

    Aaliyah Dilworth


    Hi, my name is Aaliyah Dilworth and I have spent my whole high school career at Waco High. I have been a part of the CTE endorsement Law and Public Safety specializing in criminal justice since my freshman year. I chose this endorsement because of my passion for law and criminal justice. I discovered my love for law and criminal justice at a young age and ever since then I have wanted to pursue a career in law, preferably an Assistant District Attorney, and then become the District Attorney for a county in Texas. Waco High’s Criminal Justice Academy has expanded my knowledge and horizon tremendously; this could not have been done with the assistant of my amazing CTE teachers throughout my high school career. Alongside being a part of the Criminal Justice Academy Skills USA team, I have also participated and been a part of Waco High’s Scarlet Line Drill team, Basketball, Track and Field, LEAD, National Honor Society and Youth Advisory Committee while taking all Advanced and Dual Credit Classes. Outside of my extra-curricular activity with Waco High, I am also a Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo Sweetheart, I am apart of Waco city Youth Council and the North Waco chapter of Young life. My amazing parents have instilled structure and discipline in me, which has lead me to numerous opportunities. My father Bradley Dilworth and mother Barbara Dilworth, both have a military background, which helped me, and my siblings prosper. I have four siblings, Kalvin who is twenty-five and has three children, A’Kiah who is twenty-three and attends the University of Texas at San Antonio, Bradley who is currently a freshman at Waco High along with me and Camille who is currently in kindergarten. The unconditional love I receive from my family has made me into the young woman I am today.

    2019 November Student of the Month


    Academy of Arts, AV and Communication

    Amy Camarena


    Being a part of the Academy of Arts, Media, and Communication Technology at Waco High School has been a huge part of my life for three years now. In this academy, I started my journey in Audio/Video Production class not really knowing what to expect. I walked into the A/V class for the first time, I thought to myself that it was just going to be another boring class that I would go to for one year and be done with, but I was wrong. I found myself fascinated by the thought of making videos. The class gave me a hands-on experience where skills are learned by doing. I was able to use my creativity while learning to record & edit video, scriptwriting, actor casting, and use the latest technologies to stream and broadcast them.  A/V Production has helped me break out of my comfort zone and taught me to try new things, as well as introduce me to new and wonderful people. In fact, I have met some of my best friends from being in the Academy of Arts, Media, and Communication Technology all together. Being in A/V has been the best few years of my life, it has taught me to be a leader and to dream big.

    2019 October Student of the Month

    whs oct

    Academy of Health Science (GWAHCA)

    Denise Maldonado


    I decided on the Pharmacy Tech Program at GWAHCA because of the numerous opportunities it will offer me after high school. As an aspiring Psychiatrist, I have a lot of school ahead of me, and to counter some of my student debt while in school, a good paying job that also allows me to boost my knowledge and show my interest in the medical field is the way to go. Also, as a Psychiatrist who will be prescribing medications to patients, the more knowledgeable I am, the better I can treat each individual. I’m very grateful and excited for the opportunity to pursue this career with the aid of GWAHCA and faculty who will help me thrive in the health care professions.


    2019 September Student of the Month

    september 2019

    Academy of Automotive Technology

    Alexis Gallegos


         When I began at Waco High four years ago, freshman year, I remember the small moment of panic I had when I realized that I had not solidified an idea of what I wanted to pursue after high school. At the time, it was the first legitimate moment I considered life after ‘school.’ Much of this insecurity had to do with the pressure of such high standards from home and feeling as though school in general was not one of my strengths. Fortunately, as my time at Waco High progressed I decided to take steps towards learning about myself and my capabilities. I became a lead player for my school's marching band as well as volunteered extensively within the community. I also decided to become a part of the automotive program offered at Waco High. Thanks to these experiences I have come to learn much about myself with regards to the goals I want to set for myself in the future. Fast forward to my senior year, I can honestly say that I will be leaving a much different student than when my journey began at Waco High. Now I enjoy being involved and am always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need and I try my best in everything I am a part of. Although I can admit to having days of pure ‘senioritis,’ where I don’t want to do anything; I tend to make the effort to correct my attitude to finish the day strong. 

          I am grateful to my parents, for pushing me to do my best, and always teaching me to keep going regardless of the challenges, as well as my two automotive teachers I have had throughout my time in high school, Mr. Campos and Mr. Penney. All their advice and encouragement alongside the CTE program has given me a better focus of what I want to pursue in the future. As a result, I am much more confident in school now, and I am able to focus on the more important things.