Degrees and Certifications:

Waco ISD Health Services Staff

All campuses listed have a full-time health services employee on staff. 


Alta Vista - Stacy Leathers, LVN

Bells Hill - Melissa McDaniel, RN

Brook Ave - VACANT

Cedar Ridge - Melissa Steinke, RN

Crestview - Mary Chandler, RN

Dean Highland - Brande Sanderson, RN

J.H. Hines - Sheila Jones, RN

Hillcrest PDS - Michelle Banis, LVN

Kendrick - Teresa Effertz, LVN

Lake Air Montessori (PreK - 8th) - Misty Burks, RN

Mountainview - Diana Barnes, RN

Parkdale - Kay Luedtke, RN

Provident Heights - Stephanie Stewart, LVN

South Waco - Billie King, RN

West Ave - Fritzie Kirven, LVN

Middle Schools:

Cesar Chavez Middle School - VACANT

Carver - Tammy Manigo, RN

Lake Air Montessori Magnet School (PreK - 8th) - Misty Burks, RN

Tennyson Middle School - Lamandria Fields, LVN

High Schools:

University High School - Shelly Barry, RN

Waco High School - Tracy Fletcher, RN,BSN and Danielle Valadez, CNA

Multi-Level Campuses:

G.L. Wiley Opportunity Center, Brazos High School, Challenge Academy, GWAMA and GWAHCA are covered by Rhiannon Settles, RN when needed for medical emergencies and health consultation. Each campus has a staff member(s) trained to serve as nurse backup and UDCA on a daily basis.