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    On May 9th, 2019 the UHS Tax Program celebrated 15 years of providing free community wide tax services and its volunteers that help make this program successful. This year the tax program helped achieve over two million dollars in refunds for the community. This banquet recognized the many dedicated UHS students that volunteered many hours serving the community and two Baylor Students that also served alongside these students throughout tax season. We are beyond thankful for all of those who contributed to this program this year and years past. Please join us in congratulating these volunteers on another successful year.


    Top Students and their volunteer hours

    David Crane 92.5 hours

    Henry Degollado 78.3 hours

    Rosalva Arjon 67.8 hours

    Angel Lopez 67.4 hours

    Paula Ortiz 66 hours

    Yazmine Cruz 55.3 hours

    Michelle Gongora 54.9 hours

    JC Olvera Perez 51.5 hours

    Liliana Beytia Tax 43.9 hours

    Avigail Salas Tax 42.2 hours

    Miguel Salazar 40.1 hours

    Misael Zavala 38.3 hours

    Antonio Perez 37.1 hours

    Noel Gamero 36 hours

    Maria Duarte Tavera 30.6 hours

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