• What is AVID?

    Advancement Via Individual Determination - What is AVID?


    AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    AVID College Readiness System

    Available for elementary, secondary, and higher education (K-16), is a schoolwide transformational effort focused on leadership, systems, instruction and culture, and is designed to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education and in their lives beyond high school.  AVID-trained educators teach students academic and social skills to help them develop the habits and behaviors needed to succeed in rigorous curriculum.  The AVID College Readiness System is a catalyst for developing a school culture that closes the expectation and opportunity gaps many students face, and prepares all students for success in a global society.

    Secondary AVID

    • Schoolwide impact for all students through teacher training
    • Core: AVID elective class (middle school and high school grades)
    • Weekly structure of curriculum & activities


    Waco ISD Secondary Campuses: Cesar Chavez Middle School, GW Carver Middle School, Indian Spring/Carver United, Tennyson Middle School, University High School, and Waco High School

    The core of AVID at the high school and middle level is the AVID Elective class. AVID elective students are enrolled in the school’s most rigorous classes, such as Advanced Placement® (AP or Pre-AP) and receive support in the AVID Elective class. The AVID Elective class is taught within the school day by a trained AVID teacher. 

    Schoolwide AVID impacts an entire school by creating a college-going culture across the campus as the majority of staff is trained in AVID strategies and students in ALL classes are expected to use AVID methodologies, such as focused note-taking and group collaboration.

    Elementary AVID

    The elementary program foundational component for elementary sites (grades K-5), designed as an embedded, sequential academic skills resource. It is intended for non-elective, multi-subject, multi-ability level classrooms.

    - Stages of AVID Elementary: Beginning, Grades K-2 and Foundations, Grades 3-5

    - Impacts all students

    Strategies embedded throughout entire instructional day

    • Collection of “best practices” embedded daily
    • Focus on organization and student responsibility
    • Philosophy of learning for all students
    • Teaching a growth mindset to ensure college readiness and career success

    Waco ISD Elementary Campuses: Cedar Ridge, Crestview, and Kendrick emlementary schools


  • Celeste Sodergren and Troy Tinney
    AVID District Co-Directors

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