About the Sports Complex

  • Stadium Seating

    • The stadium seats a total of 11,500 people.
    • The home side grandstands seat 6,500, including 940 chair-back seats.
    • The visitor side grandstands seat 5,000 people.
    • Wheelchair accessibility and viewing are on both sides.

    Playing Surface

    • The field is a HELLAS REALGRASS PRO artificial playing surface.
    • Excellent drainage provides a great surface in all conditions.

    Scoreboard & Sound System

    • The stadium features a 24' x 44' video display.
    • The scoreboard has a high resolution 24' x 44' instant replay/images screen.
    • The stadium has a state of the art sound system that is equipped to play compact discs, smartphones and USB storage devices.



    • The fieldhouse is 12,000 square feet.
    • A 700 square foot conference room is available with a maximum seating capacity of 50.
    • Visit the WISD Athletic Hall of Fame Room.
    • Home and visitor dressing rooms are 2400 square feet. Each dressing room has 80 lockers.
    • Separate Coaches' meeting rooms and training rooms are provided in each dressing room.
    • Two 50" televisions with sound system are in each locker room.
    • The fieldhouse houses all WISD athletic offices.
    • Rubber floor locker rooms.


    Press Box

    • Press Box is 10,042 square feet with 3 levels and an elevator.
    • Press/scout area is on the 3rd floor and seats 40 people.
    • The visitor coaches' booth is located on the 3rd floor and seats 9.
    • The visitor radio booth on the 3rd floor seats 5.
    • The home coaches' booth on the 3rd floor seats 9.
    • The home radio booth on the 3rd floor seats 5.
    • Snack bar with refreshments is provided on the 3rd floor.
    • A video balcony is located on the 4th floor.
    • The VIP/Guest booth is located on the 4th floor with a seating capacity of 35.


    Concession Stands & Restrooms

    • Four concession stands/restroom facilities are located at the four corners of the stadium and are 1400 square feet.
    • Men's and women's restroom facilities are located at each concession stand.
    • All concession revenues are retained by WISD.


    Entry Gates

    • Four entry gates/ticket booths are located at each corner of the stadium.
    • North/West ticket booths are located on the home (press box) side.
    • South/East ticket booths are located on visitor side.



    • The stadium has 2,000 parking spaces - extra parking adjacent to stadium.
    • There are 26 bus parking spaces for teams and support groups.


    Rental Fee

    • 6A, 5A, and 4A = $4,000 + 20% of the total gate.
    • 3A, 2A, and 1A = $3,500 + 20% of the total gate.
    • Call the Athletic Office for rental charges for other sports.


    Parking Charge

    • There will be a $5.00/vehicle parking charge for non-WISD events retained by WISD.
    • All 15 passenger vans/motor homes will be charged $7.00.


    Instant Video Replay

    • Included with rental agreement.



    • A team trophy is provided to the winner of all U.I.L. playoff games by Waco ISD.


    WISD Provides

    • Security, ticket personnel, gate keepers, clock operators, PA announcer, stadium manager, field preparations, cleanup, maintenance crew, and lights.
    • Tickets for sale at the gate
    • Dressing rooms for each team; soft drinks provided for team post game.
    • Pay all game expenses and provide a final gate sales report within ten working days following the event


    Competing Schools...

    • Secure all game officials
    • Provide game program and program sellers
    • Provide WISD Athletic Office with a copy of
      • pregame tickets sold
      • and a ticket report
    • Provide WISD Athletic Office with a copy of
      • all passes to be honored
      • and number of complimentary passes
    • Please sign and return the Stadium Use Contract
    • Provide a roster by Monday prior to game day