RSS Feed Help Page

What is a RSS feed?

Subscribing is also known as adding a RSS feed. RSS is a standardized format that lets you subscribe to a website using software applications such as Microsoft© Outlook©, Microsoft© Internet© Explorer© and Mozilla© Firefox©.

Why should I subscribe?

Once you subscribe to a page, you can view content titles and click on the links to quickly link to the content from your personalized iGoogle, My MSN, My Yahoo! or My AOL homepage.

How do I subscribe to a page?

When you see an RSS icon RSS Icon on a page, you can click it to subscribe to that page. RSS "junkies" can also visit our RSS Library to see all available feeds for the entire website.

After you click the link you will see a page like one of these:
(FireFox / MS Internet Explorer)

RSS Page Example

Below is a close up view of the pages above.

Closeup View

Click a Subscribe option and you will see a popup like one of these:

Subscribe Popup example

Choosing to have the feed appear in your Favorites/Bookmarks toolbar will give you fast access to the pages when they update. Also, your toolbar button will be BOLD when new content is posted to that page, providing instant alerts to new content. (Your RSS Settings will dictate how often your browser checks for new updates).

We hope that this service will be beneficial to you.