Waco ISD provides an online searchable database of current job openings in the district. If you are applying for a position, please take the time to fill out our online job application. Instructions for attaching copies of documentation are included in the online application process.

Waco ISD has made a commitment to recruitment and retention of the most highly qualified educators to serve the students of the District.  This commitment led to the creation of a new teacher mentoring program called Waco ISD SUCCEED.

Waco ISD SUCCEED focuses on the core principals of building meaningful mentor/mentee relationships, increased professional development in the areas of teaching strategies and classroom management, opportunities for observation of exemplary teachers along with an increased efficiency in documentation and assignments delivered in a hybrid format.

Benefits and Risk Management offers a variety of insurance benefits for employees and their dependents and to protect the economic well being of the District by enforcing an integrated loss control program resulting in a safer learning and working environment.