• The Waco ISD Board of Trustees holds monthly workshops and business meetings at the Waco ISD Conference Center, located at 115 South 5th Street.
  • Workshops are generally held on the third Thursday of the month beginning at 6pm.
  • Business meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of the month with the open session beginning at 7pm.
  • Special meetings are posted as necessary.
  • Meeting agendas and minutes are posted below. 
  • Media is posted when available.

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Upcoming and Past Meetings, Agendas, Approved Minutes & Media
Date Type Agenda Approved Minutes Media
6/25/2015 Business      
6/18/2015 Workshop      
5/28/2015 Business Agenda    
5/21/2015 Workshop Agenda    
5/20/2015 Special Agenda    
5/14/2015 Special Agenda    
4/23/2015 Business Agenda   Video
4/16/2015 Workshop Agenda    
4/15/2015 Intergovernmental Agenda    
3/26/2015 Business Agenda Minutes Video
3/19/2015 Workshop Agenda Minutes  
2/26/2015 Special Agenda Minutes  
2/19/2015 Business Agenda Minutes Video
2/12/2015 Workshop  Agenda
2/2/2015 Intergovernmental Agenda Minutes  
1/22/2015 Business Agenda Minutes Video
1/15/2015 Workshop Agenda Minutes  
12/18/2014 Business Agenda Minutes Video
12/17/2014 Intergovernmental Agenda Minutes  
12/11/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes  
12/2/2014 Special Agenda Minutes
11/20/2014 Business Agenda
Minutes Video
11/18/2014 Intergovernmental Agenda

11/13/2014 Workshop Agenda
10/23/2014 Business Agenda Minutes
10/16/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes
10/15/2014 Intergovernmental Agenda Minutes  
10/9/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes
9/25/2014 Business Agenda Minutes Video
9/18/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes  
8/27/2014 Business Agenda Minutes Video
8/21/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes  
8/20/2014 Intergovernmental Agenda Minutes  
8/14/2014 Special Agenda Minutes  
8/2/2014 Special Agenda-1
Minutes 1
Minutes 2
7/31/2014 Business Agenda Minutes Video
7/24/2014 Workshop Agenda Minutes  

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