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The Parents As Teachers program is a parent education and family support program serving mothers and fathers throughout pregnancy until their child enrolls in preschool at four years of age. For more information about the program, call or email the staff members listed on our PAT Staff Directory page.

Also, you can download the following brochures:

Developmental Milestones are markers, or significant points, in the development of the whole child. Please remember that children are unique and follow their own timeline of development within an acceptable range. Some may be ahead of the typical milestone markers, some just on time, and others not quite there. These should be used only as a guideline for the parent.

Blue Ribbon Affiliate

Parents as Teachers affiliates are required to maintain their certification and adhere to 17 Essential Requirements of the model in order to ensure the high quality of the services they provide to children and families. Additionally, affiliates take part in the Quality Endorsement and Improvement process once every five years as part of their continuous quality improvement efforts.

To earn the Quality Endorsement, affiliates must complete a comprehensive self-study and review process that demonstrates they are meeting or exceeding the Parents as Teachers Essential Requirements, along with at least 75 of the 100 Quality Standards.

Programs that earn the Quality Endorsement are recognized by the national Parents as Teachers office as exemplary Blue Ribbon Affiliates, delivering high-quality services to children and families.