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Posted on 12/19/2017
I am always grateful for the time and effort these two coaches pour into the teachers they coach.  more
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Posted on 11/08/2017
They make my child feel safe and show that they are here for him...  more
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Posted on 08/03/2017
Awesome work ladies!  more
Posted on 06/12/2017
Everything Mr. Price touched turned to gold this year and for that I thank him  more
Posted on 06/01/2017
This wonderful teacher has truly been a blessing!  more
Posted on 06/01/2017
They have the heart to teach and share their knowledge with the children they meet.  more
Posted on 05/31/2017
As a parent I will be forever grateful...  more
Posted on 05/30/2017
You are the best and thank you for all that you have helped my children with!  more
Posted on 05/24/2017
As a parent I will be forever grateful...  more
Posted on 03/30/2017
It is such a great combination of tech and academics. The teachers are kind and caring.  more
Posted on 03/28/2017
It is a great thing to be able to know that when I drop my daughter off she is happy to be in her classroom.  more
Posted on 03/28/2017
I am so proud of these young men that I knew as a teacher and coach in Waco. Both were fine young men as 7th grade students and you could see the potential they had to become successful.  more
Posted on 01/25/2017
Without having an appointment, she graciously welcomed me into her department  more
Posted on 01/05/2016
We are new WISD parents this year, and want to commend the leadership team at LAMM.  more
Posted on 12/07/2015
Thank you for all that y'all have done! It means so much to us Parents!  more
Posted on 06/28/2015
Kudos before July 2015  more
Posted on 12/31/2014
Kudos from 2014  more