Brazos High School Credit Recovery Center
WISD Credit Recovery

Brazos High School
Credit Recovery Center

Robin Wilson, Coordinator
200W. Waco Dr.
Waco, TX 76701
Phone: 254-754-6283
Fax: 254-757-6298

Brazos High School (also known as WISD Credit Recovery Center) is located at 200 W. Waco Drive adjacent to Indian Spring Middle School. The program is Waco Independent School District's latest initiative to help its students achieve the ultimate goal of graduation from high school.

Enrollment in the Credit Recovery Center is an option available to students who are in danger of failing to graduate with their classmates. Students are accepted into the program based on counselor or an administrator’s recommendation.

Academic Performance

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The Facility

The Credit Recovery Center is especially designed to provide a flexible, self-paced learning environment for students. It enables students to recover credits in core subject areas and to earn the credits necessary to graduate on schedule. By keeping class sizes small and providing students with individualized counseling and one-on-one teacher support, students who have dropped out of school or are at-risk of dropping out of school are provided with a new opportunity to earn their high school diplomas.

Instructional Methods

The Credit Recovery Center provides a variety of instructional methods - individualized instruction packets, technology and individual teacher instruction. All of these methods are especially designed to help students recover lost credits. Students enrolled at the Credit Recovery Center use computer software to complete courses and recover lost credits more quickly than with traditional instructional methods. Teachers provide students with small group instruction to prepare for the state assessments that are required for high school graduation.


To succeed in obtaining a high school diploma, students at the Credit Recovery Center must:

  • Create Goals for Graduation
  • Focus on Achieving Goals
  • Attend School Regularly (>90%)
  • Pass state mandated assessments
  • Have Dependable Transportation

Enrollment Process

Students are accepted for enrollment at the Credit Recovery Center based on need. Fifth-year high school students are given priority. Students interested in enrolling in the Credit Recovery Center should contact their counselor.


  • The student applying is on track to be a 20 year old graduate and is at least in 6th grade.
  • Enrollment at the WISD Credit Recovery Center (CRC) is a choice. Students must provide their own transportation.


If the student’s attendance falls below 90% and is facing reassignment to his/her home school, the student must initiate an appeal to the Senior Director of Student Services for consideration of continued participation at the CRC within five days of notice by Ms. Robin Wilson.


The CRC staff will incorporate activity breaks throughout the day for middle school students.


If you have questions about the Credit Recovery Center, please contact:

Robin Wilson, Coordinator
Phone: 254-754-6283
Fax: 254-757-6298