Focus Bell's Hill Elementary School
Bell’s Hill Says "iBienvenidos! Welcome!"
Posted on 10/01/2012
Teacher Reading to Students

We have moved into our new building and our students and teachers are all adjusting quite well. We have four computer labs and a huge library for books in both English and Spanish. We have a new science lab and teacher who is presenting science lessons and experiments to the students. They have made cupcakes out of pancake mix and enjoyed every bite. They will be raising vegetable plants in the greenhouse before planting them in the garden. The art teacher in her new classroom has students drawing and also making tissue paper flowers for our annual Enchilada Dinner. The music room is attached to the stage for future performances.

Students are working with our Baylor Interns and Teaching Assistants throughout the building. Being a Professional Development School with Baylor University is a great experience for both our Bell’s Hill students and the Baylor students.

Children piocking out books

We have 911 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. ELL students are enrolled in bilingual classes throughout these grade levels. ESL classes are available for our students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Come by and visit us in our new building. We would love to give you a tour!!