Waco High Skills USA team state bound

Waco High Skills USA team state bound
Posted on 02/23/2012

Twenty students qualify for state-level competition

Waco High students recently competed in the SkillsUSA contest, and as a result, 20 students will advance to the statewide SkillsUSA competition in March. The students demonstrated their abilities in the areas of photography, animation, skills competition, automative technology, and advanced architectural design. 

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. It was formerly known as VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America). More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 17,000 sections and 54 state and territorial associations. 

SkillsUSA is an applied method of instruction for preparing America’s high performance workers in public career and technical programs. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. It emphasizes total quality at work—high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free-enterprise system and involvement in community service.

SkillsUSA programs include local, state and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills. SkillsUSA programs also help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the lab and classroom, and promote community service. SkillsUSA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is cited as a "successful model of employer-driven youth development training program" by the U.S. Department of Labor.

State winners go on the national competition: The SkillsUSA Championships in Kansas City.

The following Waco High students have advanced to the state level of the Texas SkillsUSA contest:

Photography (Bill Taverner, teacher)

Briauna Barrera
Vanessa Martinez
Chris Daughters

Animation (Joe Rizo, teacher)

Amber Jones / Norma Vasquez
Andrew Brenner / Nathan Wells

Skills Competition

Amber Jones / Norma Vasquez
Filipe Velenzuela / Taimie Fraga

Automotive Technology  (Mark Penney, teacher)

Jose Guerrero
Edna Pham
Daniel Amador
Demaurea Chappell
Armando Arzate

Note: These students received a perfect score of 100 on their books and projects

Advance Architectural Design  (Floyd Smith, teacher)

Julio Loredo
Brendan Luedeker
Jose Rivera
Darrell Tut