School Cafe / Cafeteria Account Management

School Cafe, created by Cybersoft Technologies, provides School Food Service Departments with an easy-to-use way for parents to

  • View your student's cafeteria account balances and purchase activity.
  • Make payments online anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage your student's cafeteria expenses.
  • View and print payment history.
  • Trust in highly secure online transactions.

Just 3 easy steps to register and start making payments

Step 1 - Register with ParentOnline: Go to and register now.

Step 2 - Add students for whom you want to pay online. You must have your student's ID# (this number might be different from the PIN they use in the cafeteria), which is provided by the school.

Step 3 - Make a Payment: You can make a payment to your student's cafeteria account by using a valid credit/check card. You will receive a confirmation number immediately for future reference. (Payments take one to two business days to post to your student's account at his/her school cafeteria.)

Automatic Payments: You can set up hassle-free automatic payments for your student(s) by specifying the payment amount when the balance on the account reaches a specified minimum.