Waco High School Student of the Month - February 2018

Waco High School Student of the Month - February 2018
Posted on 02/02/2018
Andrea Watkins
Academy of Education and Training

My name is Andrea Watkins; a seventeen year old high school senior. This is my first year at Waco High, as well as my first year being part of the Career and Technical Education Program. I am excited about being chosen an Academy Ambassador for the 2017-2018 school year for the Education and Training Academy. Plus, I am a member of the National Honor Society.

Before entering middle school, I aspired to be an educator. As a young child, I would constantly play “school” with my younger sibling or pretend to teach some of my toys what I was currently learning in elementary school. Afterschool, when I returned home, I would teach everyone else what I had learned and how I had learned it from my teachers.  At the end of every year, while other kids were throwing away their school papers and stuffing trash cans with old lessons, I would take my papers home!  I would teach whomever would listen about what I had previously learned. I was motivated to learn more, so that I would hopefully be able to teach everyone what I had learned.  

As I got older, discussions about careers and finances made me doubt my extremely early decision about my career choice. I knew that compared to other jobs, teachers did not make much money. Many activities in my first two years of high school where centered around being aware of how much living on your own as an adult will actually cost. Doing those activities made me realize that I needed to be aware of how my decisions now affect my life later, but they also made me want to choose between a career choice that I wanted and a job that paid well. When asked about my plans after graduation,  I would shy away from my usual answer by saying that I didn’t know. In reality, I was just unsure about why I wanted to be an educator. 

When I joined the Education and Training Academy, I was fascinated with how much I had learned about children and people’s behavioral processes  within the first two months. I didn’t think I would have begun learning how to be a caregiver  until I was well into my second or third year of college! In class, I learned how to assess a child’s needs at the young age, while affirming my decision to go to to college and learning how to educate others. When I graduate, at the end of the semester, I am confident that I will be more than prepared to continue my efforts in educating myself. I will have learned  how to be the best teacher for every child for all aspects of their learning!