University High Student of the Month - February 2018

University High Student of the Month - February 2018
Posted on 02/02/2018

Alexia Galaviz
Academy of Education and Training

When my mother was thirteen years old, she began picking vegetables in a field as a migrant worker. My mother was the Mexican version of an average teenage drop-out. Education was not available to her due to being one out of ten people to live in one house in King City, California. She needed to provide for her family so she went to work most of her day. Today she is currently a mail carrier and earning more than enough to provide for her family. Her dream has always been to send me to school to get the education she never received. I'm making sure I do anything and everything possible to accomplish this dream of hers simply because my ultimate dream is to make my mother proud. I can just imagine the day I graduate from Sam Houston State University and hear my mother say, “you did it Lex, for us!” 

In addition to making my mother proud, I have always dreamed of returning to WISD and teaching second grade at any local elementary school.  My ultimate teaching dream however is to become a missionary teacher and aid kids overseas or in urban areas to receive the education they deserve. My mom has inspired me to do this since she has done the same for me. She has pushed herself to help somebody else out. I was inspired to become a missionary because I went to Germany during the Summer of 2016, and met Syrian refugees.  My favorite memory is talking to and praying for them, or simply just laughing with them. Although there was a language barrier, just seeing the looks on their faces was enough to help me understand that I wanted to receive an education for them.

If I were to look back on my life in thirty years, I would consider myself successful if I were to be teaching in my own second grade class and traveling during the summers to reach out to more kids. I would consider myself successful if every time I visited my mother, she just has a radiant smile on her face. The people that I need to help me on this journey would be my parents, my teachers, and anybody else who wants to assist and support me on my educational journey. 

The Academy of Education fits into my plans for the future because I am going to be a teacher.   I have learned skills that I need to be successful when working in a classroom.  The importance of literacy, conscious discipline and writing lesson plans and implementing them with the Trojan Tykes has been such a valuable lesson.  The Academy of Education has allowed me to gain real life experiences that I will treasure forever.   The rotations to middle and elementary schools just validated the drive within me to become a teacher.  The expectations set by my teachers will help me to be the professional I want to be.  The Academy of Education is vital for not only my future but the future of others.  The saying “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions” is so true and it makes we want to become one of the best in this great profession.