Waco High Student of the Month - January 2018

Waco High Student of the Month - January 2018
Posted on 01/03/2018

Elihu Centeno
Academy of Law & Criminal Justice

When you think of a student, you think of a teenager who goes to school just because he or she needs to achieve a higher education to have a job with a good salary. In my opinion a student is someone more than a teenager whose only in it for the glory of a better life. A student is someone who learns from their mistakes and must make sacrifices to become a better person than the one they were yesterday. A student is an individual who leaves the world of cyberspace to see a world that reaches the edges of outer-space. The life a student is a long journey, but it all depends on what a student reaps and what they sow. 

Students are seen in many walks of life, in every country of the world, diversified by many cultures. These students will one day become someone greater in life replacing the current professionals of today. When I depict my dream of what the future has in store for me; I have a very self-less view in what I will want to see. My dream is to have education available to any individual that comes from any walk of life. In my opinion, a person’s future is determined by the education one receives with the help of the right people aiding the student. My dream for the future is to see a society not judged by the way a person looks or by their diversity; but by the potential of the individual has to help society flourish. Education is a step towards the betterment of society and the betterment of many lives across the world. 

While my dreams of a better world may become a reality in thirty years or so.  I hope to find myself looking back at my life’s accomplishments. In my perspective a successful life is a life in which you were able to touch many lives. In my past experiences, I helped the community by being a member of Waco High’s Interact Club. In doing so, I was able to touch the vast lives of people who were in need of a helping hand. I’ve helped in aiding the mentally disabled in Friends for Life.  I also helped the unfortunate people with hot meals for Thanksgiving Day in downtown Waco. After helping these individuals, you have this sense of warmth that is unexplainable. This sensation is something that I will seek for in the future. I may have a well-paying job but there are things that money can’t buy and it’s a priceless feeling your soul feels when you help a person. I will consider my life a successful one once I helped every individual I could help. The future that I will led, can only be possible with the people I help and accomplishments I have gotten. 

Having a life based on serving society can be aided by the friends and family that are close to me. My family has always been considerate in helping others in need; due to knowing how easily it is to find themselves in the same situation. The act of being generous can transpire between any language and any emotion. There really isn’t a need of any physical items or accomplishments to be an individual or student who helps the community. The academy of Law Enforcement helps me strive for my dreams by becoming a public servant.  If I become a patrol officer or a detective, I will touch the lives of many people of all walks of life. There isn’t a hole to deep to climb out for the many of individuals who may be at risk. Having the authority of aiding these individuals by counseling can determine the life someone may lead. The academy of Criminal Justice has taught me that police officers aren’t heroes like the movie “Die Hard” portray but are the heroes in the many lives of people. Whether it’s advising the youth to change their life for the better or rescuing a person who could be in danger of abuse. My academy has established an option of having a career of aiding people and helping the community in many ways. 

My life of being student has helped me establish what I strive for in my life. The student life I have led is affected by the many great teachers that aided me in becoming what I am today. Being a student is much more than the top of the iceberg, being a student is someone who will strive for the betterment of their life and as well the lives around them. Whether the student becomes a police officer, doctor, chef, manager, or an artist; this student will touch the lives of many while striving to become something better every day.