University High School Student of the Month - January 2018

University High School Student of the Month - January 2018
Posted on 01/03/2018

Lizbeth Duarte-Tavera
Academy of Law & Criminal Justice

My name is Lizbeth Duarte-Tavera and I am a Junior in the Academy of Law and Criminal Justice at University High School. Sometimes I wonder how the world has become ever since rules and guidelines were implemented to maintain the stability of our country and yet there is still people who try to go against them to destroy the system. I, on the other hand, believe that the rules and guidelines are good things to keep the world from going out of control.  So, I follow the rules and the laws of the American legal system. With these rules I myself imagine that the world will become a better place, but that is not how it truly is because not everyone is perfect and we all make mistakes that are serious. I try not to believe that our world has come to that, but it has and we try our best to fix these issues by making laws to regulate these problems. We even try to contribute to our community by risking our lives and putting ourselves in danger for others. 

  Therefore, when I began as a student in the criminal justice program at University High School with Coach Martinez for Law Enforcement and Ms. Palladino for Court Systems and Practices, I grew a much stronger interest in the legal system because I learned more about the structure of the law and how it all works. It made me understand the types of crimes that criminals commit in my Law Enforcement class and how they are prosecuted in my Courts class. I started to get answers from my teachers of how the law and the court can play their respective roles in solving the issues of this world by putting criminals into jail and stopping them from hurting others. I did not think that there was more to just labeling a person guilty, but there is and it is a process in which evidence and paperwork collide with police officers needing probable cause to obtain a search warrant for a house. 

To recognize that these small things can play a huge role in making our world better helps me to understand that a tiny thing like me can do so much more by being part of the legal system. It inspires me to maybe one day defend a client from being charged with penalties or save a victim from harm done to them. It helps a lot to be part of a class where we are able to do hands-on situations like re-enact scenarios that will help make us more comfortable and prepared for our future careers in real-life as part of the police force or the legal field.

I am so grateful for the values of self-discipline and intrinsic motivation my teachers helped to instilled in me since I came to University High School. It has given me the ability to think critically and independently. Most especially, it has provided me with a work ethic worthy of becoming an Academic Achiever as well as a successful student in my chosen Academy. 

My Academy teachers selected me to travel to Washington, D.C., in March of 2018 to attend the 2018 National Civics and Law Academy hosted by the American Bar Association. While it has been an honor to just have been selected to attend this event, it will be such a privilege and an amazing experience to visit such places as Capitol Hill, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S. Department of State all of which will enlighten my experience in pursuing a law-related career.