Waco High Student of the Month - December 2017

Waco High Student of the Month - December 2017
Posted on 12/04/2017

Julie Benitez-Ibarra
Academy of Sales and Marketing

My name is Julie Benitez-Ibarra, I am seventeen years of age, I am the youngest of six siblings, and am currently a senior in high school. I am a determined individual who is willing to succeed for instance, when I put my mind to something – I make sure that I achieve it. Throughout my years as a high school student, I have accomplished many things academically and have found that I’ve enjoyed every second of it. 
I must admit that in the beginning I was not motivated to do the best that I can do academically, but as I grew older I understood the entire concept that is academically achieving in things that will help determine what my future awaits.  Starting my freshmen year of high school, I was not involved in any extracurricular activities because I simply did not pay attention to what was occurring around me and I did not find any interest. However, towards the end of my freshmen year I got selected to be interviewed to be a part of AVID so, I decided to give it shot and it has been by far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and ever since, I promised myself that I was going to give my all to my studies. 
To fill you in on a little bit of what I have been involved with these past few years, I have been (and am now) a part of several extracurricular activities those including: Soccer, Commercial Photography, Spanish Club, Student Council, Choir (won a medal and went to UIL in early April 2017) and National Honor Society, wherein I have recently been selected as my choirs’ secretary and was also appointed as a Marketing Manager in my Practicum in Business Management course for Waco High’s Store, The Lions’ Hub, given that my endorsement is general business. I have succeeded in maintaining high A’s in every single one of my courses throughout both my junior and senior year, these courses being: two Pre-AP, two AP, and three Dual Credit courses with McLennan Community College up until the summer of 2017, all while being involved with the extracurricular activities mentioned above. Also, I have done several hours of volunteer work at McLane Stadium and Central Faith Child Care and Development Center, just to name a few.
A few accomplishments that I have also been acknowledged for, includes my appearance in Waco Tribune-Herald’s newspaper for “Best-read outfit around” as being the winner for a group project from my Career and Technical Education business class my sophomore year, while being the winner for the same project as a junior, for the second consecutive year. In conjunction, several of my flyer’s that I have created as Marketing Manager for The Lions’ Hub, have recently been acknowledged and chosen by individuals downtown. These flyer’s serve to advertise Waco High, The Lions’ Hub, and demonstrate the capability us as students have to become successful, given that the students run the store.
My goal for my education was to reach the top 10% of my class and despite the fact that my class is very competitive, I have reached it this year. As for my career, I believe that I am on the correct path to being successful given that fact that my Practicum in Business Management course is helping me by giving me experience with the marketing world. This course has helped me achieve my goals because it not only gives me experience but I also get feedback on the work that I do which helps me as an individual.