University High School Student of the Month - November 2017

University High School Student of the Month - November 2017
Posted on 11/01/2017

Senior - Academy of Arts, AV and Communication

The audio-video production class at University High School taught by Mr. Taverner has greatly benefited me as a student. This class has taught me many valuable skills that I know I will use for the remainder of my life, because the career path I have chosen will involve these technologies. I want to major in Broadcast Journalism, and be a radio/TV sports commentator. There are so many things Mr. T has taught me that will be the foundation for the skills I have to use in this profession. For starters, I will have to be comfortable on camera as I do interviews and other analysis on camera in this field. I have had hours of priceless practice on camera in this class, doing anything from being an anchor on our morning news show, to interviewing people for school related videos. This has allowed me to establish a comfort zone in front of the camera, that I will be able to utilize for the remainder of my career. I currently have an internship at ESPN Central Texas Radio, and as I continue to learn how to edit and cut interviews for the show, I have already learned the base of these skills in this class. I can’t even express to you how important this class has been to me, and how important the skills it taught me will remain to be throughout my professional career. I would definitely recommend this course to any student that plans to major in a media related subject