Waco High School CTE Student of the Month - October 2017

Waco High School CTE Student of the Month - October 2017
Posted on 09/29/2017

Julissa Mendez

Senior - Academy of Health Science - GWAHCA

My name is Julissa Mendez, and this is my second year in GWAHCA, also known as Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy. This program has taught me many things about healthcare, and ultimately, I was able to obtain my CNA license during my junior year of high school. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and attribute that to the life lessons taught by my parentsWhen I was younger, I lived in an apartment with my parents and two older brothers. We were not at the financial state that we are currently at. My dad has always told my brothers and I, “Good things come to those who wait.” I never would have believed him until I saw my mother become more than just a stay at home mom. She started to work outside of the home when I was about ten years old, and is such a hard-working woman, one that I look up to very much. Currently my father is the superintendent, though he started off his job with a shovel. With both hard work and dedication, both of my parents now have their own office, where they are their own boss. The type of ambition and drive that they have is what shaped my brothers and I to be who we are today.

My parents have also encouraged me to get involved in various extracurricular and volunteer activities, including participating in Band Booster Seats, as well as Student Council, where we volunteered at Caritas & Carters Blood Drive. One of the most important volunteer works I have participated in has been this past month, to collect clothes for the hurricane Harvey victims. Waco High School has collected tons of supplies, from clothing to hygiene products.

I enjoy being involved and am ready to lend a helping hand.  Through training and hands-on learning scenarios I was prepared to administer help during a very hectic situation in which one of my very close friends needed CPR assistance. The incident was scary, but I managed to keep myself together and with the knowledge that I had received from my GWAHCA teachers, I was able to take lead in the situation to ensure the best outcome for my friend. This experience solidified the fact that I am on the career path that is perfect for me, and I am looking forward to a career as a Radiologist. I plan to attend either Texas State in San Marcos, or MWSU in Wichita Falls after graduation.

Overall, I am glad I chose to switch my endorsement to Health Science during my sophomore year, which led me to this program. GWAHCA opened a doorway for me as an individual looking forward to my future career as a radiologist. The teachers here at the Academy have given me the knowledge and support necessary for me to be the healthcare professional that I am.  GWAHCA has prepared me more than any other program could, but most importantly it gave me a look at what healthcare is really like. I am thankful for the help from amazing role models in my life, including my teachers and family, and now it is my turn to evolve and help the ones that need me. I never expected to fall in love with serving others in this way, but I am excited for what my future holds.