University High School CTE Student of the Month - October 2017

University High School CTE Student of the Month - October 2017
Posted on 09/29/2017

Diana Vargas 
Senior - Academy of Health Science (GWAHCA)

As a freshman I began classes in the Academy of Health Science at University High School. That is when I first began to have an interest in wanting to learn about health care careers and the health care environment. The classes in my freshman and sophomore years taught me about the different body systems, medical terminology, and nutrition, which was a great preparation for my career at GWAHCA.

I wouldn’t have even thought about enrolling at GWAHCA without the extra support from my family and educators. My mom has been one of my biggest supporters, and is the main reason that I have made it this far. She has always told me, “Be something better than me, you’re capable of so much more.” Not only has my mom been a supporter, but I have been able to depend on my health science teachers who cheered me along the way, while also ensuring that I had a firm grasp on the material and skills needed in health care.
Now, as a senior participating in the Practicum of Health Science class at the Greater Waco Advanced Health Care Academy, I attend clinical rotations at the two local hospitals, as well as theory class on campus. My current capstone course is building on the skills and experience obtained through the first year program, where I was able to complete clinicals at local nursing homes and obtained my CNA certification at the end of the year.

While I was doing my clinical rotations last year, I had a resident who was always excited to see us on clinical days. I was able to care for her and get to know her better, learning she had no family to come visit, and that was another reason she enjoyed our clinical days so much. This experience, and being able to brighten someone’s day by just simply caring for them, helped to grow my passion for health care and solidified my desire to become an RN. My goal after high school is to work at the local hospital as a CNA, while obtaining my BSN, either here in Waco or at UMHB in Belton.